Two Ex-Adobe Co-workers Are Now Helping People Cleanup Junk Photos On Smartphones

Two Ex-Adobe Co-workers Are Now Helping People Cleanup Junk Photos On Smartphones
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Over the past few years there has been a massive increase in the number of photographs being clicked by a regular cellphone user.  In today’s day and age of selfies, one completely loses count of the number of photos being clicked and shared via his cellphone.

Ex-Adobe employees Romil Mittal and Mayank Bhagya set out with a vision and aim to help users sort out their photographs and keep the ones they really cherish and discard those that are merely jamming space on ones mobile.

At Siftr Labs, the duo has launched a suite of products to help end users manage their images bank. The company’s flagship product – Magic Cleaner – is an Artificial Intelligence powered app which analyses image gallery in smartphones to separate junk images from personal ones. Since, we use multiple messenger services like Whatsapp, Hike, Line and Telegram, it is next to impossible to stop junk images and videos entering our phones. Magic Cleaner goes through images at users’ end and with a single tap one can clean junk images resulting in freeing up memory space and making your phone work faster and smarter for you.

The app is available on both Play Store and App Store and has registered over one lakh downloads. The company has released Magic Cleaner in six Indian languages.

“ While working at Adobe and noticing the way consumers have started clicking pictures, we wanted to do something in this space but it was a tough call to give up our well paying jobs and start up. However, we reached a point in our conversations where we knew it’s now or never and decided to take the plunge,” Mayank said.

Magic Cleaner scans your entire phone for all the photos and videos, and then makes use of its cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to identify the ones which are junk. That helps you in getting rid of the junk content with one tap.

Tackling several me-too versions in the market

The company claims that although there are tons of cleaner apps in the market, none of them make use of technology to help you clean the phone! “All the other apps expect the user to manually choose the photos and videos which are junk, and that's not a feasible solution when you have thousands of photos and videos on your phone these days. We believe that technology that we use and the speed with which we adding features and algorithms, it won’t be easy for a copy-cat app to catch up with us,” Mayank said.

Scaling and innovating

“We plan to offer a lot of value-added capabilities to help our users manage the media on their phones in a much better way. Today we are analyzing more than two million media files per day, and the number is growing. The app is being used across the world - India, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Malaysia, etc. and our goal is continue the momentum. In the coming years, our vision is to help our users deal with their tons of photos and videos and make use of them with a great experience.”

Delhi-based Siftr recently secured $150,000 in seed funding from early-stage fund Venture Catalyst.


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