No Man Is An Island

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Starting a business in India could not have been anymore easier or cheaper then as it stands today. It is almost as if it takes two people to get you started up. One person who can code and the other person who can sell.


But the shedding of these barriers to entry has come with its own downside which is coming to be seen in the fierce competition for finding the right talent, acquiring already bombarded customers and most importantly getting the funding to stay alive. As startup entrepreneurs, everything will be limited whether it is your time, knowledge or resources. As the founder, one needs to be focused on the most critical matters. But the rest still needs to get done and that’s where business incubators step in. While government supported business incubators in India have been existing ever since 90s, the private sector participation started gaining ground from around 2008 onwards, and today there are around 30 business incubators in India that are doing some notable work. But incubator services come at a price which can be service fee, equity or opportunity costs. This is a serious business decision to be carefully evaluated. Entrepreneur magazine has come out with the first survey of 100 brilliant Incubators in India to be your aide and guide on selecting the right incubator keeping in view their specialization, costs and what

makes them so brilliant and startups who were able to make it big on the back of an incubation programme.

As entrepreneurs your life at most times is a rollercoaster. There are moments when you’ll find yourself with vso many ongoing fires in the proverbial oven, the easiest thing to do is put yourself on an autopilot and keep going, with no strategic focus in mind. However, for survival, entrepreneurs need to be all about accomplishing results that matter for themselves, their team, and their customers. That’s productivity. Are there any real efforts you are making to increase productivity in your business? We have compiled a 22 point Cheat Sheet to Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs after talking to India’s Leading Investors, Entrepreneurs, mentors and Business leaders on how to keep yourself aligned to the goal.

“It is Lonely at the Top”

“No man does it all By Himself”

These two statements together are the real story of an Entrepreneur’s life. Collaboration breeds inspiration and inspiration helps us to grow both as an individual and as Business owner. We, as entrepreneurs must continuously strive to come together to stir change. At Entrepreneur Media, we are back with our 6th Annual edition of our flagship mega event where Business Leaders will come closer to their fellow young counterparts, where money meets ideas, tech meets talent and society meets change. Join us on August 9-10 2016 at Hotel Pullman Aerocity, Delhi NCR to be a part of this change. Write to me to share your interest.

(Originally published in Entrepreneur India magazine's July 2016 edition)