Data Append + Data Cleansing = Successful Email Marketing

Data Append + Data Cleansing = Successful Email Marketing
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Do you ‘spring clean’ your house and workspace? Obviously, you do in order to maintain your house hygiene by decluttering things which aren’t of any use, repairing your old belongings as you know it will add more value in your house utility.

S imilarly, data cleansing is an essential element to maintain email database hygiene and get maximum ROI from email marketing strategies. The way ‘Spring Cleaning’ is essential for healthy family and clean house, data cleansing is a key element to achieve success in email marketing.

It is a known fact that email databases in every organization gradually decays for around 20-22 per cent every year due to recipients job change or location change. In order to roll out efficient email marketing strategies, one need to own a complete, correct, and clean database as it will deliver the maximum opens, CTRs, and qualified leads. Data cleansing (also known as Data Scrubbing) is all about deleting corrupt or outdated or improperly formatted or duplicate data and to rectifying incorrect data.

Growing your email list and appending it with other missing customers’ contacts will simply grow your customer database but it will also include outdated, incorrect or duplicate data which wouldn’t drive any business opportunities. So along with Data appending, data scrubbing / cleansing is equally important to get maximum results from your email marketing strategy and activities.

Owning a huge email database is not sufficient to generate qualified leads. In order to generate quality leads, you need to optimize your email list by keeping your email database clean. To maintain a quality of your database you can use data cleansing tools like de-duplication, merge purge, and suppression list.

Why You Need To Keep Your Email Database Clean?

By appending your database you can launch a target email campaigns and send apt message to your email receipts in customize way. Whereas with a clean database, you not only create better customer engagement, maximizes customer retention but also optimizes overall marketing performance and results. Redundant or obsolete data fails to generate profitable leads. Be it email marketing, telemarketing, or direct mailing, only complete and accurate customer data brings results in numbers and reduces unnecessary expenses.

Below are the major benefits of data cleansing which helps marketing team generate high-quality leads and helps marketing professionals to make better marketing decision.

  1. Improve Your Email Sender Score
  2. Protect Your IP Reputation
  3. Grow Email List With Accurate Data
  4. Generate Qualified Leads
  5. Get 100 per cent Email Deliverability
  6. Formulate Email Marketing Strategy Correct & Updated Data
  7. Get maximum ROI
  8. Stay Away From Spam Trap Hits
  9. Formulate Effective Email Marketing Strategy
  10. Make Better Marketing Decisions
  11. Minimal wastage of time, efforts and resources

It is highly recommended by marketing professionals to append, clean, and update your internal customer database regularly as well as at point-of-entry to maintain high-quality data. Both data cleansing and appending goes hand-in-hand and brings maximum business opportunism for your organization. Bad email database damages not only your reputation but also cost you loss of opportunity, reputation, credibility, and sender score on a regular basis.

However, it’s essential that your database is only appended but also cleansed in order to get a maximum revenue-generating power of the database. 

So avoid bad consequences of ‘dirty data’ by following data appending as well as data cleansing regime regularly to protect your IP reputation, and thus, get improved email marketing results. With data append and cleansing of email database you can make better marketing decisions and strategies.

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