How To Make Your Startup Video Go Viral

How To Make Your Startup Video Go Viral
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How many of you have just discerned the same video multiple times shared on your timeline? Well, that is a parody of viral content we are going to talk about.

Social media is that upsurge which can take your quality content to the zenith and the fact that it has been shared multiple times validates that it is indeed a viral content. Most of the time you won’t be able to keep a track of everything which has been shared, but every now and then, there is one video which is hitting the right chord of the virtual world. What is really about these videos that make them so viral?

Promote, Promote, Promote

The best part of this high-tech era is that there are countless social channels provided to you to bolster your brand. Share it on every platform as if there is no end to it. Promote your work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Quora, Instagram, LinkedIn, contact famous bloggers, famed websites or let’s just say share your video at almost every possible reach. Many startups make mistake by not being too loud-mouthed when it comes to promoting their video as they rely entirely on the entertainment value of it.

Avoid over-promoting

Well, this point contravenes to the first point we discussed but essentially in the real sense. If you are a startup and this is your first viral video, then try not to shower the audience with your products. Instead, make them so fictitious in your video that they are able to connect that video with your brand by themselves and you do not have to desperately endorse it. People already know what you are marketing and you do not have to put that in their mouths, so better let them enjoy!!

Emotional Extravaganza

In this epoch of innovations and high technology, we are some way just constrained to virtual world fondness, instantaneous output or productivity, and commitment, people really hanker for a moment where they can connect themselves with humanity. Add a zest of ambition, nostalgia, joy, anger and romance to drizzle out an array of emotions with a deep message of who you are. Most videos inclined to fall in catering to its target audience if the content doesn’t fulfil the emotional needs of the audience.

Timing counts

Market your video during the time of the launch that is during the first two days after the launch. You have to be really aggressive during that time as most people judge the video by the time it has been launched and a total number of view counts. Try to grasp as many social platforms as possible to promote your video as discussed in the first point. The most credible reason of the let-down of a video is that it has not been properly promoted after it’s published on YouTube.

Distinctive style

Ever thought why Gangnam style video is inane, but still became a global hit? People tend to remember anything which is dipped with extra effects and video is garbed in a similar set-up. Try to add a different style in terms of acoustic, background, music, outfit, colors and visual, etc. so that audience can retrospect it easily or can comfortably recall it later when telling about it to someone.

Pick your keywords in the same tone to make it easy to search. Your video is gradient to be disliked if the content doesn’t properly take advantage of the visual aspect of multimedia. If the viewers would just want to listen to the content, they could download the podcast or audiobook. So, try to make your video more compelling to stand out from the competition.

Tell them a story

Grasp your audience by telling them a story which is actually making a nous at the same time. Give them a meaning of something vague in their lives, whether it is inspirational, emotional or just funny. You also have to validate their point of view while creating a video as nobody will share the video if it doesn’t represent their beliefs and opinions.


For a video to be viral, it has to offer the right content and tactic that should be directed to the right audience within a suitable time frame and then, it’s all about how well you promote it. You can also seek a help of professional video makers if you are not able to achieve a good enough production value.

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