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'I Am Absolutely Terrified': OpenAI's New Project Isn't 'Broadly' Available Yet — But It's Already Setting Off Alarm Bells

The company behind ChatGPT wants to "help people solve problems that require real-world interaction."


ChatGPT se prepara para incorporar la creación de videos a sus herramientas con la llegada de GPT-5

El CEO de OpenAI dio a conocer los planes de la empresa durante su participación en el podcast de Bill Gates.

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Elevate Your Video Creation with This $60 Lifetime Subscription

A lifetime of XSplit Broadcaster is just $60 through November 9.


How Salvi Is Helping Leaders Communicate More Effectively in a Video-First World

William and Christopher Salvi discuss how their production company is bringing the personal touch to corporate communications.

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Video Shows Pier Collapsing, Plunging Dozens of People Into a Wisconsin Lake

The pier was scheduled to be removed just one day after the accident.


How To Create Engaging Video Content for Your Brand

Video marketing is in demand, and it doesn't have to cost a ton to create solid content with terrific reach and impact.

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Terrifying Video Shows Roller Coaster Cracking in the Middle of a Ride

A visitor to Carowinds amusement park noticed a massive crack in the pillar of the "tallest" coaster, Fury 325.

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'Price Is Right' Contestant Wins Trip to Hawaii — and the ER. 'He's Really Hurting.'

Contestant Henry Choi celebrated his victory a little too voraciously.


How to Effectively Utilize Video in Your Franchise Brand's Marketing Strategy

Knowing where to focus your effort will help you in many ways.

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How Explainer Videos Can Help You Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Explainer videos make complex topics more understandable, elicit strong emotional responses and increase brand recognition through visual storytelling.


How to Maximize Each Stage of Your Franchise Sales Funnel Using Video

Deploying different types of content can help you close more franchise sales. Here's how.


Why Video May Be the Most Effective Format When It Comes to Training New Franchisees

A cost-efficient solution for training your new owners awaits.


This Tool Can Elevate Your Video Marketing and Enhance Web Conferences and Your Social Media Strategy

Save big on the Pivo Pod Lite with advanced motion tracking.

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How YouTubers Are Redefining Online Video to Drive Engagement and Growth

Let's discuss the rise of short-form content on YouTube and how creators are using short videos to grow their channels and engage with their viewers.