This Extension Let's You Invite All Your Facebook Friends With One Click

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There are several organic ways to increase your Facebook page’s likes out there in the extremely competitive world. By far, the easiest way to increase them is to just invite your friends on your personal Facebook profile to like the page you want increased. Some stoop to the most painfully miserable way to do so such as manually requesting everyone in a few lines of small talk and then pleading them to like the page. Still others sink even lower in the moral grade by spamming completely unrelated pages, groups and even viral discussions with frivolous advertisements hoping to get likes on their page. Needless to say, this not only fails miserably as no one is stupid enough to click those obvious spam links but may also backfire in a smearing campaign in the community/group/discussion/profile against your page.

Whichever way you may chose to get likes on Facebook, everyone at one point of time in their entrepreneurial journey have tried to manually send requests to every friend in their list. Facebook by default tries to eliminate spam by restricting how easy it is to simply add all and then send like requests to everyone by making you scroll through the whole list, literally one profile at a time in the list., Thankfully, there’s finally an easier way. With just one click, you can now send requests to all your Facebook friends. Multiply this with all your employees doing so, the numbers would just rack up and help increase very soon. Here’s how:

Step 1: Prefer using Chrome browser because the tried and tested extensions exist for Chrome. If you stumble into alternatives extensions for other browsers out there, let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page by clicking here.

Step 2: Download and install the extension titled “Invite All Friends on Facebook” from the Chrome store, or simply by clicking here

Step three: One on the right page where all your friends show and you’re sup-posed to select them one by one, just click the top right corner button that’s now installed, and viola, you’ve selected all of them.

Just remember Facebook’s anti-spam filters prevent you to sending invites to like your page very soon again, so it’s a nice idea to wait a few hours before sending them again to like another page, especially if you have a large friend list.

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