Leveraging Experience To Create Sector-Agnostic Technological Solutions

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Experience, as they say, is the best teacher. It indeed enables the best form of learning. After finishing my education, when I started looking for a career break, a well established MNC was an obvious choice. After 8 years of working with industry leading companies in varied roles, I realized my calling and ambitions and went on to start my own venture. However, even after so many years of leaving these great companies, I leverage the experiences to ensure my company and our solutions stay ahead of the curve.


There’s one important lesson that global companies teach you – and that is to THINK BIG! Everything else pretty much falls in line – collaboration,innovation, disruption – when you start thinking big. I have learned a few lessons that has helped us create sector agnostic technological solutions.

Broader Perspective

When you are part of a global set-up, this one comes in by default. Given you have the global mandate, there’s no way one can succeed by keeping a myopic view of things – one has to look at the entire scale to be able to develop solutions and deliver impeccably. Looking at the scale of how things are conceptualized, developed and finally implemented, the exposure at global firms increases the propensity to think big and think beyond boundaries.

Think Global, Act Local

The globe is diverse – there are multiple religions, ethnicities, cultures. There’s no one approach that works across the globe. While these global firms enable to look at the larger perspective, they also ensure that there is enough emphasis on identifying localized problems while implementing or selling solutions in local versus global scenarios. A lot of times, the solutions may remain the same, however, minor customizations could be required to adapt to the sensitivities.

Access to best-in-class

Global tech companies are ahead of the curve, which is why they lead the industry with set benchmarks. Given the time and investment on R&D to develop solutions of the future, as one who is part of this set-up, you have easier access to these technological advances, thereby leading to a steep learning curve.This becomes ever better in a leadership role since you get greater access to best-in-class systems and practices to learn from and imbibe.

Solution Orientation

The problem-solving orientation of any global technology company gives excellent exposure to effective solutions approach. “We are not solution-centric” – said no company ever. However, solution orientation is much larger than how it is showcased in fancy credential presentations. It is really about deep diving into customer issues and proposing a solution that not just solves it, but also creates newer opportunities for incremental growth. Large global organizations orient you towards looking at the end goal, and not just the pit stop – eventually moulding your thought process towards finding the solution. Tactics and methods fall in line once the end objective is clear.

Access to Talent

To be able to create technology solutions that are disruptive, an idea is only the beginning. To make the idea come to life, you need mentorship and involvement of those who have ‘been there, done that’. By leveraging global contacts, one gets access to superior talent eventually helping in building your own technology solutions. Working with industry experts help in bridging the gap between ideation and finally implementation. The operational expertise helps in cutting down time on unforeseen roadblocks and therefore bring the idea to life much sooner.

Global technology firms invest their time on building solutions of the future that are sector agnostic. By being a part of the set-up, if you are receptive to these thoughts and ideas, you can imbibe the innovative orientation of these companies and apply it to your venture to be able to succeed amongst cut-throat competition. In this age of rapid globalization, where you cannot afford to be myopic with your solution offerings, technology solutions need to cut across borders, industries, and cultural sensitivities.

Snehashish Bhattacharjee

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Denave was founded 17 years ago to fill the void in the industry of a service provider that can provide end-to-end sales enablement solutions with clear focus on revenue acceleration, ROI optimization and measurable impact. Snehashish, as the Chief Executive Officer of Denave spearheads the strategic goals of the company and is instrumental in building the company’s future roadmap. In his role, he has a clear focus on operational excellence, innovation, expansion and profitability.

In his initial years at Denave, Snehashish established the services delivery model at Denave. He also spearheaded the creation of a remote services model to overcome geographical boundaries and led the company’s foray into global markets. The company currently has delivery centers in Noida, Singapore, London and Kuala Lumpur reaching over 19 countries and 500+ cities globally. Under his leadership, the company is poised to touch every part of the globe in the next 5 years.
Snehashish also has a dedicated focus on evolving Denave’s unique tele-sales model as a game changer against the present industry standard tele-operations model provided as a service by most large BPOs. With technology and innovation as the convergence point, Snehashish is leading the company to drive the future of sales enablement aiming to emerge as the world’s largest sales enablement organization.

Prior to laying the foundation of Denave in 1999, Snehashish has worked with multi nationals like Wipro and Microsoft where he gathered a wealth of business and technology experience. He has handled sales and marketing responsibilities in these companies in multiple capacities.