4 Best Smartphone Games to Increase Your Brain Power

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Smartphones today have the power to browse, view, edit, share, and contribute to literally our entire human existence’s intelligence, discovery, research and entertainment. With that much power and superb operating ease, it’s amazing how we are still impressed by games that could have been designed twenty years ago, if they had a mobile platform back then. Instead of feeling guilty of playing some stupid click bait game with virtually no excitement of something new happening, such as Temple Run or Flappy Birds, there are several games that are equally engaging out and claim to help you improve your brain power as well.

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While there’s no verified studies conducted to confirm the authenticity of these claims to make you “smarter”, it’s easy to say these apps might have a link to gradually increase your attentiveness and response time. For me personally, smart games help me stay awake and active..

Here are top five to choose from:


If you believe what the publisher claims, there are thousands of happy users, that have used the app to have improved memory, overall sharper brain and just a happier mood. The best part about luminosity is that it has a lot of mini-games, so you’ll never get bored. The games are relatively simple, quick to follow and play and include genres of memory retention, speed, reflexes and basic problem solving. Of course you can share your scores with others and a brilliant game or two to play while improving your brain power.

Mensa Brain Test

Mensa is probably the leading organization that tests the smartest individuals among us, and has a society of those that clear the test. Now finally, there’s an app for that. Test yourself and how you fair against global top scorers or first train yourself in the training mode. The most grueling part is you’ll have 60 questions to answer in 60 minutes. You probably don’t want to play this while waiting in line somewhere – this needs your undivided attention.

Fit Brains Trainer

This fresh app has around 35 mini games grouped into sessions to test language proficiency, memory retention, concentration and swiftness. There is a progressive level of difficult as you progress through the game. The games are quite engaging and keep you hooked, but thankfully can be played rather quickly.


The best part I like about this app is the neat summary that is presented once you play a few games. You can get your average memory score, mental agility, problem solving, language, focus and peak brain score in this slick looking graph/pie chart. The whole personal touch to your daily brain workout is very engaging and great to look at.

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