A Powerful Value Driven Mentoring: Professor X As A Mentor With Great Abilities!

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Charles Xavier is the mutant son of nuclear researcher Brian Xavier and his wife Sharon. As a young child, his father worked for a top secret research facility. Even as a pre-adolescent, Xavier could use his telepathic powers to sense other people’s intentions and emotions.


On one occasion, Charles found himself experience the anguished thoughts of Cain after Cain had been beaten by his father. This was the first time that Xavier’s powers had fully opened another person’s mind to him.

As Charles grew older, he learned how to control his telepathic powers. Over the period he developed different abilities including mind-reading, effective communication, ability to create pain and sensing other mutants, ability to learn and teach in minutes and so on.

As number of mutants started growing, it became an issue whether mutants should be allowed to be part of the society or not.

With hope for better future Professor X brings X-Men together and mentors them to unite for peace and harmony between human beings and mutants.

A powerful mentor is good at identifying the skills and abilities in self as well as in others so that s/he can use it for the betterment of the society around. A value driven mentor can bring hope of better future during difficult times.

Let’s have a look at some abilities of Professor X and their significance in Mentors’ life.

Detect Powers In Others

Professor X has a unique advantage above other X-Men by being able to tell who is a mutant and thus who may be a threat – or an ally – in any given scenario.

Ability to identifying the right mentees with right abilities and right attitude is again an important aspect for a mentor to have. This ability can also be useful for finding the right resources who can help mentees to grow in their venture.

Ability To Learn And Teach In Minutes

Being able to learn and teach a language in only minutes is actually one of the more useful powers that Professor X has. Professor X is able to decode and learn an entire language without spending months or years studying. He can teach languages that he has learned to others. Thus, helping his X-Men gain a critical advantage in the field. By learning and teaching all sorts of languages, Professor X has been able to understand and speak to other mutants – and humans – that he would otherwise have no way of communicating with.

A good mentor should be a good learner first. A mentor should be able to teach the skills so efficiently to her/his mentees that the mentees become expert in the skill. Having a skill and being able to teach it to the mentees effectively and quickly is the key success factor for any mentor. With each skill being imparted mentees should become more powerful than the competition.

Effective Communication

Professor X is able to make contact with aliens and speak to them in their native language. Being able to communicate with alien is pretty useful.

A mentor should be able to communicate to different types of mentees. S/he must communicate in a way mentees will understand things.

Ability To Remember Past Information

By being able to recall past information in great and vivid detail, Professor X can supplement his superior intellect and telepathic powers in a very human way; by simply putting the pieces together and using logic and memory to solve problems.

A mentor having an ability to quickly recall the required information and putting a logic around it will be able to solve the doubts of the mentees quickly. This will help the mentor to build the trust of mentees upon her/him.

Transfer Skills And Abilities

Charles Xavier has the ability to transfer his mind and his powers and abilities into another host body if need be.

A mentor should be able to transfer her/his skills and expertise into the heads of the mentees. At difficult times mentor should be able to build high morale and confidence in mentees.

Ability To Remain Silent And Hidden

By getting into the mind of the people and mutants around him, Professor X is able to telepathically mask himself and others. From changing his clothes as well as his own face and body to match someone else’s, Xavier doesn’t physically change like Mystique does, but he can convince others that he looks any way he wants to by hacking into their brain and getting their eyes to see what isn’t really there.

As a mentor one should be able to help mentees to see what’s required for their growth. He should be able to mask the unnecessary distractions so that mentees can focus on their goals and visions. Also, when needed a mentor should be able to hide from others.

Able To Punish When Needed

It seems that every superhero needs a physically damaging power in order to be taken seriously, and on that front Professor X isn’t the odd man out. Professor X is actually able to get into his enemies’ brains, thus stunning them and causing them whatever pain he so desires.

A mentor shouldn’t always be goody-goody. When required should have the courage and ability to punish for mistakes and betterment of mentees.

Ability To Protect Self

Xavier is able to sense his opponent’s intentions and upcoming moves, which enables him to prepare a counterattack that he knows will land on the enemy. Even with a few well-timed hits, Professor X would be able to tire out an enemy and prove that fighting him would be futile.

A skill to protect self from outside world will be an important aspect of Mentor’s personality. Mentor should not allow anybody to enter her/his sphere of influence without her/his permission.

A Great Mentor Can Transform You For Your Betterment

A mentor with the ability to find the best in her/his mentees can bring the best out of them - removing weaknesses and building upon strengths! A quick learner and quick teacher can make mentees learn quickly to save time to produce desired results. Effective communicator will build good rapport with mentees and can make them understand things in their own way. Intelligence will help her/him to quickly resolve the issues and challenges of mentees.

A right mentor can transfer skills and abilities to the right mentees in the right manner at the right time!!!