Augment Your Reality With These Startups

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If watching all those sci-fi movies or underwater documentary films in 3D was cool, then IMAX took it to next level. But still, there’s nothing better than sitting in your house and getting the same feeling you would have, when Bungee jumping from Bhurj Khalifa.  This is the power of augmented reality, and because of the immense popularity it has gained in such a short span, even biggies like Google, Samsung, Facebook and Microsoft are staking their money on it.


Following their lead are numerous startups, striving to apply a new approach to virtual reality. A sudden interest has grown in this domain from both startups and investors. Digi-Capital stated that investments in VR touched $1.1 billion in the first two months of this year, far exceeding the $700 million invested during 2015. These startups are not only trying to present reality in a new way, but also produce new and personalized content. We looked at some of the innovative startups in this space and these are the best in game – in no preferred order.

Teleport yourself with GazeMatic

If calling is too old school for you, you should definitely try what GazeMatic has for you. Founded in the year 2015 by Karthikeyan NG & MohanRaj MS, this startup is making teleporting a reality. They pride themselves in building first of its kind Virtual Reality application enabled with a voice caller feature where you can be in a virtual land when you are on a call with your pal. This app is called ‘The Caller’ and is set to change the way we communicate. And change it should because who wouldn’t want to teleport for a minutes every day?

Apart from building a minute version of a Tardis, GazeMatic is also venturing into 360 degree live streaming indie music discovery platform Sogn.TV, with the aim that we will be live streaming all the events through VR soon across the globe.

Meet your favorite scientist with GreyKernel

GreyKernal has moved on from Monoscopic 360 degree videos at a time when startups are venturing into them. Instead they promise to bring the Virtual Reality awesomeness to your smartphone through their IVR VR app. They are leading the space by creating Stereoscopic/Interactive VR content, not just for recreational purposes but also for exploring automobiles, real estate and publishing and also learning. Some of the coolest features you can explore are visiting the era of the scientist(s) you admire most, discover gravity with Newton, take a trip though the solar system and experience a haunted territory.

One of India’s first Virtual Reality and Advance Visualization tech start-up, GreyKernel was founded in 2015 by Abhishek Gupta and Pranshul Chandhok.

SmartVizX lets you live in your house before living there

Imagine when you’re house hunting, you actually get to see how living there would feel like when all the things are in place. SmartVizX will make that possible for you b giving you a realistic look at what your future house might look like. Extending AR/VR to the domain of AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, features such as VI-VIZ, ARCH-VIZ, ARCH-VIZ (Mobile) etc., offer controllable and interactive walkthroughs of entire project, view of immediate surroundings from balconies and other vantage points, actual simulation of sunlight during any particular time of the day etc.

Named as ‘Startup of the Week’ by NASSCOM under its 10000 start-ups initiative, SMartVizX has VR solutions across all devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet etc. The startup was launched in 2015 and is the virtual baby of husband-wife duo Gaurav and Tithi Tewari .

Capture your house with Tesseract Inc.

This startup will deliver the future of photography right in your hands with their app. They are eliminating the use of photo or video editing software you use on your desktop all together and adding cool feature such as change 3D lighting, key-out backgrounds from your home-made video, or just move your friends around in the image. They promise to give an enhanced 3D and 4D experience by fundamentally changing how each ray of light is processed, before it hits your sensor and your screen. All of this works through their patented technology - a photolithographic mask that attenuates each incoming light ray depending on its angle.

Tesseract has also come up with their own and the world’s first virtual reality based camera called Methane 360 VR Camera that allows you to map out every house, restaurant, hotel or space in 360 and 3D. The Methane camera takes not only 360 and 3D images but can create automatic floorplans, seamless walkthroughs, virtual reality showcases and much more. The startup was founded by Kshitij Marwah in 2015 and will soon launch world’s smallest 360 Virtual Reality Camera.