Bose To Repurpose QC30 Headphones Into Hearing Aids

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We already know that the Bose QuietComfort 30 is simply quite amazing, but now it seems that Bose might be repurposing the technology as a hearing aid.

The headphones are apparently capable of being programmed to let only certain sounds in, which can be adjusted in the new Bose Hear app, which includes modes such as airplane, doctors office, gym or even television. This technology seems to be based on both direction and audio frequency.

In theory, the television mode would amplify sound from in front of the user, while "focused conversation" would amplify the kinds of frequencies humans speak at. When asked if there would be a future where a user could block out selective features, Dan Gauger, Bose's Senior Research Engineer commented that "challenge is to give choice to people that they find useful. You take the vast majority of people and you give them a sound system and graphic equaliser and most likely they'll make their sound system sound worse rather than better."

He also mentioned that he tried using the QC30 at live music events. "I have had some of my best concert experiences over the past year with prototypes," he explained, "I can feel the bass, but it's so loud I can hear my ears distort. I can put in that product and hear it the way I want."

We might hear more about this during the Bose event set to happen on Thursday.

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