Indian Restaurant Owners Must First Learn to Love Their Own Folks

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Restaurant business owners often find it a challenge to hire and retain good employees. Pay disparity, lack of inculcating soft skills and long work hours often keep good quality employees away from Indian restaurants.


Entrepreneur India spoke to Vipin Sachdev, Managing Director & Resident Source of Motivation, Tuscana Pizzeria, who is also a restaurateur and entrepreneur, on identifying quality talent and understanding the taste buds of Indians.

Vipin is an industry veteran and has also he perfected his Food & Beverage customer-centric serving approach and then launched his own multiple brands in Chennai, namely Tuscana Pizzeria of which there are now 4 locations.

Keep your staff happy and business shall come!

Vipin said that people need to love their customers and more importantly business owners need to have a cordial working relationship with their own people. When you love your own people, they will in turn give your guests a delightful experience and your restaurant will be successful,” he said.

Vipin further went on to add that business owners often onboard non-F&B investors who in turn buy expensive furniture and crockery in an attempt to lure customers.  He emphasized that the money should be rather spent giving the right wages to their employees.

Vipin said that he spends a lot of time conducting written tests and training sessions for his staff across all branches.  Vipin also added that restaurants today forget to brief their employees about soft skills and focus only on technology aspects, which further leaves the staff in a confused state of mind.

Bringing foreign cuisines to India

“The customer base firstly has to be huge. I wouldn’t want to get a Japanese concept to Chennai,” he said. Vipin said that people should get cuisines which are already loved by people. “A person in Chennai will first love his South Indian food and then go for North Indian cuisine, third will be Chinese and fourth will be Italian,” he said.

Vipin was one of the key speakers at the Restaurant India event held in Bangalore earlier this week.