#4 B2B Strategic Content Marketing Trends Can Help Your Business Grow in 2017

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This is the 21st century business world where traditional marketing practices are disappearing with every passing day. Strategic digital content marketing trends are fast overtaking traditional marketing practices of bygone era. This is why digital marketing professionals advise business owners to be a forward thinker and enter the world of 2017 B2B strategic content marketing for business growth. In simple words, devise an effective B2B content marketing strategy and implement it on digital front for financial profit.


Stats Backup These Reasons:

Facts mentioned below are strong statistical backup supporting the three reasons mentioned earlier. Experienced digital marketing professionals suggest you to go through these facts before diving into trends of B2B strategic content marketing to help you stay on top of your industry in 2017.

  • As per one of the most recently conducted research, implementation of content marketing strategy is helping almost 75% companies get constant and consistent increase in lead quality and quantity. 
  • Almost 42% companies having technically accurate content marketing strategy have admitted significant increase in brand awareness on various platforms.
  • Content marketing strategy is almost 60% less expensive in comparison to traditional marketing practices.
  • The study conducted by Frctl and Moz proves almost 168% increase in LinkedIn Profiles in United States contain “Content Marketing” term.
  • According to Curata’s 2016 Content Marketing Staffing and Study, nearly 51% respondents are interested in investing for content marketing leaders in 2017.


Digital Marketing Trends Suggested by Strategic Internet Marketing Service Providers for 2017

  • Video Content Consumption Is Leading to ROI:

The number of consumers streaming videos online is increasing by manifolds on daily basis. Therefore, it is no longer a secret that videos are fast becoming an essential component of strategic content management practices. A recently conducted research by Fire Brand proves that almost 90% of marketers have noticed significant increase in Return on Investment (ROI) through video content.

  • Strong Promotion of Content on Social Media Platforms:

This is turning out to be one of the hottest content marketing trend in the digital world. Social media platforms are way more than actually people see it. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, SlideShare, Instagram, SnapChat, Google+ and YouTube etc. are very effective content marketing platforms for businesses. Let’s take a look the reasons of it below:

  • Although strategic digital/content marketing on social media platforms is still in its infancy yet it is likely to consume almost 25% of your digital marketing budget in next 5 years to come.
  • Regalix conducted a research in this regard and found almost 27% respondents identifying social media as essential for strong content promotion.
  • Execution of the Best SEO Practices:

Technically accurate execution of the best SEO practices plays a huge role in content marketing strategy for business growth. A lot of content is being produced. Therefore, business owners need to ensure following three vital things:

  • They adhere to the best SEO practices
  • Inclusion of ALT tags
  • 100% originality of content produced

According to SEMrush, 50% websites are facing the problem of plagiarized content and 45% websites are missing ALT tags. The best advice for businesses by strategic internet marketing service professionals is to ensure the application of the best SEO practices for the following two reasons:

  • Your users may lose trust in your company, services and even in products.
  • Investment in Quality Professional Content Assets:

Demand Gen Report conducted “2016 B2B Buyer’s indicates that 70% B2B Buyers prefer website content that directly talks about their requirements. Almost 70% respondents stressed on easy access to content for sales representatives. It will help them improve the quality of conversations with customers to a great extent. This is why 42% companies are investing heavily on hiring quality professionals dedicated to technical content writing and marketing.

Make sure content produced catches the nerves of client easily through the following:

  • Regular webinars.
  • Regular production and posting of product and service related videos and a lot more.

Final Words:

So businesses are advised to invest in quality professional content writing and marketing assets to meet their strategic content marketing goals.  This will give businesses the best chance to succeed with changing content marketing trends in 2017.