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Lawsuit Alleges That McDonald's Overcharges For Cheeseburger Value Meal

According to the plaintiff, the fast-food chain's 'Extra Value Meal' costs 41 cents more than it would if you just ordered each item individually.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

McDonald's is being sued over the price of its value meals. 

Fred Prouser/Reuters via Business Insider

According to plaintiff James Gertie, the fast-food chain's "Extra Value Meal" of two cheeseburgers, medium fries and a soft drink costs 41 cents more than it would if you just ordered each item individually off the regular menu, the Cook County Record reported.

The class action suit, which was filed against McDonald's and a franchisee in the Chicago suburbs, reportedly alleges that the restaurant, "advertised for sale a food combination designated as an 'Extra Value Meal' but the combination actually costs more than if each item were bought separately, thus making it no 'value' at all, let alone an 'extra value.'" 

McDonald's is mostly operated by independent franchisees, and prices and deals vary across the country.

In an effort to see if this was a problem that extended beyond Illinois, Business Insider took to Postmates, a messenger app, to get a sense of what McDonald's prices look like in New York City. While Postmates is careful to note that prices and products vary, we came to a similar conclusion as Gertie.

According to Postmates, a two-cheeseburger meal costs $5.99 in Manhattan. However, if you order two cheeseburgers, a medium fries, and a soft drink individually, it'll only cost you $5.86. 

In other words, it's 13 cents cheaper to avoid the bundled value deal and instead buy each item separately. 

McDonald's didn't respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the lawsuit and it's unclear if the pricing discrepancy is widespread. At this point, we recommend doing some quick calculations before you buy a value meal from the chain. 

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