Know About #40 Coolest Co-Working Spaces In India

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The rise seen in the number of coworking spaces has made it the biggest trend the startup ecosystem saw this year. The number of such players across India already exceeds 100, and it is growing steadily. This year also saw a number of large corporates interested in providing flexible working options to their employees. There are many who cater to the artist, the techie or the nerd in you. Here are some of coolest collaborative co-working spaces to catch your eye.



Awfis has been able to attract a complete gamut of Start-ups, SMEs, Corporates and Freelancers. Through its website and mobile application, one can search for available spaces and meeting rooms and also make bookings from one hour to 11 months on a real-time basis.

Awfis recently did a pilot launch of its mobile office van in Delhi and Gurugram to make commute time more productive. It has tied up with several companies in web & technology, consulting services, financial services, health & wellness, concierge services, travel, entertainment, e-commerce and F&B for their products and services to be provided to its community members at discounted rates. Awfis curates both educational and fun events - workshops, speaker series, investor connect events, food festivals, stand-up comedy shows, birthday celebrations etc.

Apart from events, the centre interiors with break-out zones, collaboration zones, rock pods etc. provide ample design elements to make working inspirational and fun. Awfis has 12 operational proworking centres across Delhi- NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai with seven centres under fit-out stage across Delhi- NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune.


Location: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune

Operational Since: 2015 Total area: 350,000 sq. ft. No. of Seats available: 2,600+ (5,000 seats by mid December) Current Co-workers: Startups, SMEs, Corporates like Snapdeal, OLX, Wooqer, Renew Power, FICCI etc.

Current Occupancy rate: 90% No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 2,300+ members across 220 companies No. of Events hosted: curated 100+ events Seating cost: starting from Rs. 4,500 for flexi seat/month to Rs. 8,500 to Rs. 13,000 for fixed seats and private cabins/month depending on location


AltF is building a close network of startups by building multiple spaces in the prime locations of the same city. Being a community driven work-space it is building a product, which will help startups get their work done in the community itself. It provides investor connections to start-ups who require funding support.

Any person who is an entrepreneur or aspires to become an entrepreneur is welcome to join Alt-F community. Besides lounge and cafeteria where its start-ups hang-out and take break from their work, it conducts beer parties and tries to make startups feel like it is a work-home for them. Altf has launched five locations in Delhi/ NCR with two more opening by Dec 2016. AltF is planning to launch 15 spaces in Delhi NCR in total by March 2017.


Five across Delhi/NCR

Operational Since: 2015 Total area: Over 25,000 Sq Ft No. of Seats available: Over 400

Current co-workers: Over 300 Current Occupancy rate: > 85% No. of Co-working Companies: 54

No. of Events hosted: Seating cost: starting from 2500/



At BHive one can settle down at a hot desk, book a cubicle or take a bulk day pass. It organizes meet-ups with investors and renowned VC firms like Kalaari Capital, Target Accelerator Program, SAIF Partners etc. The director of IIM Bangalore’s Incubator is one of the full time mentors at BHive. It offers members special partnership benefits from Amazon Web Service, Google Credits, IMB Blumemix, ClearTax, Paytm etc.

Each of its four centres have their own stories to tell – from Steve Job greeting you at the entrance with his inspirational quote ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish, to a Zen garden to re-fuel your inner peace. Terrace seating for those who need their space to think out of the walls! For member selection a basic screening is done to understand the team size and the nature of business. While it has giants like NEC, NDTV and Neogrowth but also have companies like Capiot, Novire and Datalicious and many other freelancers working out of the same space.

At present it has five operational centres, and has two more centres coming up in Bengaluru along with expansion plans in Mumbai and Delhi. With an equal focus towards property owners and investors BHive has launched a one of its kind franchise model to expand its presence in all the major cities in India.


Location: Five in Bengaluru

Operational Since: 2014 Total area (in sq.ft.): More than 1, 00,000 No. of Seats available: 1,200

Current co-workers:729 Current Occupancy rate: 80%

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 175 (approx.) No. of Events hosted: More than 400

Seating cost: Average Rs 7000/- person per desk


@Works conducts impromptu table-tennism tournaments among different teams. It hosts meet up nights for its members to get to know one another from across its spaces. It also hosts social meetups outside of the workplace. It set up a space with a cafe and a kindergarten to focus on parents of young children and build a local community feel in a residential area, with the added benefit of a place to work from.

With seven work spaces operational it plans to add the eighth one planned to open in December 2016, and two more planned for Q1 of 2017 in Chennai.


Chennai (7 centres)

Operational Since: June 2014 Total area (in sq.ft.): 18,000 sq. ft. No. of Seats available: 275

Current co-workers: 230 Current Occupancy rate: 80% No. of Co-working Companies and

55 No. of Events hosted: 20 Seating cost: Starts from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 9,500


Mondays are bliss when you have a great work ambience with cool Segways, fooseball tables, golfing zones, nap rooms, terrace gardens, music chambers, 3D printers, oculus, mashinga etc. Innov8 is

famous for its thought leadership events conducted biweekly for skill development and network building. Innov8 ensures brownian movements between startups, freelancers, SMEs, corporate teams to help develop an ecosystem of idea pollination.

The space is pretty much open for all, except of those who don’t like the shared space culture. Facilities offered include beverages, vending machines, innovation zone, recreation zone, 24*7 access, storage, meeting rooms, online community, merchandise etc. With two centres operational in Delhi & Chandigarh, it is launching the third one in Bangalore soon.


Location: Connaught Place Connaught Place (Delhi) & City Emporium Mall (Chandigarh)

Operational Since: 2015 Total area: 42,500 sq ft No. of Seats available: 250

Current co-workers: 250 Current Occupancy rate: 100%No. of Co-working Companies: 48

No. of Events hosted: 109 Seating cost: 10,000/ month


Going by its tagline# cubiclesareboring Coworkyard Spaces are meant for creative nerds, fun startups, young professionals and freelancers. Coworkyard enables multi-city workplace requirements seamlessly as it is a network of 90+ spaces in eight cities across India. It has a collaborative mentor, investor, technology, hiring, legal and marketing network through Coworkyard’s panel of partners that focus exclusively on the members.

Coworkyard kitchenbar spaces are fun to work. It organizes various events at Coworkyard spaces directly and through its partners, which its members and the overall coworking community attend. It carries screening of each member while having a no-refusal policy for start-ups and freelancers.


Location: Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad

Operational Since: 2016 No. of Seats available:1200+ Current co-workers: Early stage and established Startups, Freelancers

No. of Events hosted:Seating cost: Rs. 2999 onwards


Ending the Grind One Internet has collaborated with plethora of partners such as web service hosting providers, legal services providers, market place for legal service providers, restaurants, money wallets, call management providers, etc. to make sure bottom line of start-ups associated with One Internet i

positively impacted.

Apart from these, it also collaborates with investors and mentors inviting them to meet the One Internet members. Work at One Internet is punctuated with copious fun activities. It hosts movie nights, games, poker evenings etc. to keep the spirits of its members high. Occasionally, it throws parties where the sole aim is mixing with each other. It also celebrates the birthday of each and every co-worker. With three locations in Delhi-NCR and one each in Bangalore and Mumbai it hosts an interesting mix of professional and creative people.


Locations: CP, NSP, Gurgaon & Upcoming Bangalore

Operational Since: 2015 Total area (in sq.ft.): CP: 4000sq feet, NSP: 2000sq feet; Gurgaon: 6000 sq feet, Bangalore: 25000 sq feet and Mumbai: 10000sq feet

Facilities offered: 24 Hour Access, Air Conditioning, Furnished Offices, Kitchen Facility, Reception, Printing/Scan Equipment, Conference Space, Meeting Rooms, Serviced Offices, Free tea and coffee, High-speed Internet

No. of Seats available: CP: 100, NSP: 30, Gurgaon: 130 Current co-workers: 150 Current Occupancy rate: 100% No. of Co-working Companies: 100 No. of Events hosted: 70


The experience at Zen CoWorks is a professional collaboration environment set within world class facilities. The high energy levels of its members creates an electric atmosphere that encourages productivity and unites its growing community. Startups are supported from a pure business perspective, whether it be help in client meetings and acquisitions, accounting and legal compliances, or more advance accelerator guidance. It has been selective in making sure that its members are overly committed to their business and that they want to be part of a larger community and family. With one location in Delhi, it is planning for multiple locations within NCR in the next year.


Location: Defence Colony, Delhi

Operational Since: 2015 Total area (in sq.ft.): 2200 No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 75 Current Co-workers: 200 No. of Events hosted: 12

Monthly cost: Services range from Rs 2500 – 55000 per month


At Co.Lab.Orate, it is allabout the right kind of people and the interactions between them. It enables startups by providing them with mentors, legal help, market research, intellectual property design, etc. from a professional perspective. It also offers preferred rates on lifestyle services like food, health and wellness, etc. Fun firstly arises out of how the space is designed.

Its spaces are dynamic and interactive. Co.Lab. Orate also ensures that the members go out of their way by engaging the members on a continuous basis through work-life balancing events and workshops. It also has activity zones where members can play board games or access the best books. When it receives an inquiry, it talks to the founder about his startup, his vision and the industry he’s operating in. It also looks at the ability of a potential member’s contribution to the overall community.


Location: Hyderabad (3 centres) Operational Since: 2014 Total area: 6000 sq.ft

No. of Seats available: 120 Current co-workers: Limetray, Motofix, Manhattan Home Design, Artists Affiliated, PeopleDock and others

Current Occupancy rate: 95% No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 30 Companies averaging at 3 members per company

No. of Events hosted: 130 Seating cost: Ranges between Rs. 3600 to Rs.5600


Collaborative environment at CoworkIn helps in productivity of community, from large teams to part time freelancers. CoworkIn has an extended network of partners like Amazon web services, Startup India, Google cloud partners, Fox my box, Legal Spell and many others. Its value partners also include legal counselors, accelerators etc. that help the community to grow and build their startup successfully.

Fun activities like beer and bowling, team lunches etc. are planned exclusively for the coworkers so that the community stays well connected. With four centers across Delhi CoworkIn plans to add a new center every 45 days. It would be at 10 locations by February 2017 and 20 centres across India by the end of 2017.


Location: Lajpat Nagar, Greater Kailash 2, Nehru Place & CP, opening shortly in Patel Nagar, Jaipur & Bangalore

Operational Since: 2011 as Moonlighting and 2013 as CoworkIn Total area (in sq.ft.): 12000 sq ft (Present) Facilities offered: Unlimited tea/ coffee, internet, printer/copier/ scanner, meeting room/conference room, discounts on events

No. of Seats available: 270 (across all spaces)


Diversity in the workplace is largely the message sent out from Ministry of New. With both founders being Dutch, Ministry of New placed a lot of emphasis on maintaining the heritage of Kitab Mahal in Fort, even paying respect to the name of the place by creating several book installations around the space. For the rest, you will see a lot of clean, functional European design mixed with local Bombay touches and home coziness.

Because of the founders’ backgrounds they have an international network which they use as a platform to help members and collaborators in their journey to getting to the next level. Whether that means being introduced to a potential investor, getting connected to the PR network or helping members to host their own branded events, it does everything to support and grow the community. At Ministry of New, you will have yoga space in the mornings and drinks or poetry readings in the evenings. During the day, you will see people having meetings, silently reflecting in the courtyard, having a chat on the wooden swing or even taking a short power nap on one of the ever-so-comfy sofas.


Location: Fort, Mumbai Operational Since: 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 8,000 No. of Seats available: 150 Seating cost: Start at Rs 5,500 per month


CoWrks, prides itself on being India’s only large format coworking facility. The mammoth community at CoWrks includes freelancers, independent consultants, startups, small scale enterprises, large corporations and Fortune 500 companies. CoWrks draws influence from pop and local culture that fuels


CoWrks has partnered with accelerator programs that provide startups with resources. By forming alliances with SaaS products, taxi aggregators, food ordering apps, hyper-local delivery service providers, cloud hosting, code repositories, to name a few, CoWrks members access a wide host of free and discounted services. Its calendar spans across educational, recreational and networking events, where entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries share brand stories.

From two centers in Bangalore, the CoWrks community will strengthen by 15,000 members across 10 centers in - Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi–NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.


Locations: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi

Operational Since: 2016 Total area: 1,92,500 sq.ft No. of Seats: 3200

Current co-workers: Boeing, State Street Global Advisors, General Electric, Enstoa, Innoflexion Technology, Visteon, Keystride, Fast Apps

No. of Events hosted: 25 Seating Cost: 10,499 Per Desk per Month


iPlex provides integrated solutions for companies to graduate from co-working to a much bigger play by offering capital, sales and a global footprint. It has collaborated with incubators around the world, its sister company, Cross Border Angels supports them through its network in more than 60 locations. iPlex also has an annual event Start Up India rocks which culminates after city based events in more than 20 cities. Its co-working spaces are not just space but a Business Solution to help start ups penetrate a new market risk free. As members it looks for growth companies who are differentiators in their domains. With six centres operational right now, it is planning to open up to 20 by the end of 2017.


Locations: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune(2), Ahmedabad & Baroda

Operational Since: 2014 Total area (in sq.ft.): 2,00,000 Current Occupancy rate: 80 %

No. of Co-working Companies: around 50 No. of Events hosted: 5 every quarter


At Vatika, the roomy space gives people a sense of privacy even though they are sharing it with others. It offers the network to grow businesses in a young, warm, energising and peppy environment. It has collaborated with several services such as legal assistance, finance, taxation, company formation, recruitment & staffing, movers & packers, concierge services, equipment hire, cab services and many more to support the rapid growth of startups.

The centre heads/managers keep organizing various engagement activities and events such as business education, taxation, funding, marketing, stress management sessions, health check-up camps, and a lot more. Vatika is open for all entrepreneurs, startups, while trying to limit one client from one field to avoid competition and have all verticals for a perfect combination. Currently, it has 15 centres at eight

locations in India and plans to open more locations including international locations.


Locations: Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Pune, Noida

Operational Since: 2004 Total area: Around 3.5 Lakh sq. ft.

Monthly/weekly cost: Varies from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 16,000 per month


To set up the ecosystem Hatch 101 got many affiliate partners on board, such as startups into Legal Advisory, Public Relations, Graphic Designers, Recruitment Agencies. Some examples of its collaborations are: Vakilsearch, they provide online legal services and consultancy on very key decisions such as what kind of entity should the startup register as, tax registration, trademark and copyright etc.

Another affiliate of Hatch101 is DoneThing, a personal assistant service. Additionally it has had several VC firms and Angel Networks come to its centre to meet and exchange ideas. The founders have also started a mentorship program wherein they help the startups, SMEs as well as freelancers working

out of Hatch101 to connect with relevant mentors.

The centres have good indoor games such as Pool, Carrom and Chess. While selecting members the basic objective is to create a workspace with highly motivated, passionate and creative members. Highly successful startups such as Grofers, Curofy, Shipsy, Advantage Club started from Hatch101. Currently, it has two locations of Hatch101 - Delhi and Gurgaon. It is looking to open another center in Noida as well as a bigger space in Gurgaon.


Location: two centres in Delhi NCR

Operational Since: 2014 Total area: 15,000 Sqft No. of Seats available: 220

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 30+

No. of Events hosted: Several Seating cost: Coworking seats start at Rs 5,500 and Private Cabins start at Rs 6,500 per seat


C3 works in collaboration with firms handling legal service, financial services, media services, which can be availed by the co-workers. It has been in touch with companies and organizations like Kerala Start up mission, NASSCOM, Federal Bank, angel investors and venture capitalists to nurture the ecosystem of start-ups in Kerala.

It chose an open design concept where there are no inhibitions among the co-workers, which made the interaction and work exchange among them possible. With four spaces which are completely functional at present in Cochin, it is planning to have five more by July 2017.


Location: Girinagar, Chembumukku and 2 spaces at Kakkanad (kochi-kerala)

Operational Since: 2015

Total area: 6000 sq.ft No. of Seats available: 100 Current co-workers: Flipmotion Technologies, Increation, Lamp Media, Bytes Interactive, Marg Hospitality. CBL Kerala Royals, Summersoft Technologies, Artodart Design Studio

Current Occupancy rate: 60% No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 8 companies and 20 freelancers No. of Events hosted: 14 Seating cost: 3500 per seat


Indiqube’s partnership with the start-ups nurtures when they grow. It helps them seamlessly transit to their own dedicated office which can be customized as per their needs. Driven by technology platform, it offers a complete smart space solution, by providing professionally managed spaceinfrastructure, employee facilities and partnered spaces. Its platform enables the Indiqubens to order/track food online, book partner’s spaces (Meeting, conference & Training room) and transport etc. 

Its technology driven platform (MiQube- Networking platform helps the companies connect, collaborate and grow. It helps startups connect with its partners for their needs in recruitment, finance & accounting, Legal, Digital media & PR, enabling economies of scale. Its VC partners and mentors help startups nurture and grow their business to the next level. Indiqube has seven Centers at present and three in different phases of development. It is looking to explore the markets in other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad & Pune soon.


Location: Seven centres across Bangalore

Operational Since: 2014 Current co-workers: 3000 plus Current co-workers: 3000 plus Current Occupancy rate:80%

No. of Co-working Companies: 60 plus

No. of Events hosted: 7 Seating cost: 6500 -13000 INR