Tips To Create Effective & Elegant Office Spaces

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It is a known fact that a conducive and congenial environment is the key to harness productivity and creative thinking. Therefore, it is crucial and imperative to have a workspace which can boost one’s spirit to work progressively. Erstwhile offices did not have a lot of planning involved. All that was looked at or considered was, different kinds of ways in which the people could be seated so that people and office goers could come, do their job and retire for home.

However, the contemporary offices are not restricted to the traditional definition of workspaces, rather they have become an extension of brand ethos, work culture and the principle for which a company, an establishment or a unit stands for.

Apart from keeping in mind the values and the attitude of a brand or a unit, it is also important that individual personality traits are given their due importance so that the uniqueness and the diversity are all honored in the right spirit.

For instance, Google has done away with the routine look of an office and have taken a disruptive approach when it comes to the ambiance in their office. It fosters a spirit of calculative risk taking while embarking on a journey of collective success.

Things to consider while creating an office space

Now let us talk about some factors and tips that one needs to consider while doing up an office space at one’s home-

Convey your brand values with grace

Now if your brand stands for openness, transparency and equal opportunity, then your office space should speak for it. Thus, it is always a good idea to have enough space in your office where people can move around with ease. Do away with the normal cubicle structure, you can rather have different designs incorporated in the form of a bean bag corner, where you could provide bean bags for your team to relax and work, have a fun corner where they could sip a coffee and work or indulge in a game of chess to provide them intellectual stimulation. Having glass doors and partitions not only increases the beauty quotient but conveys the message of openness and transparency.

Consider the likes/dislikes and the comfort factor of the employees or the team

The office will be as successful as the people working in it. So they should be happy coming to work and for that they need to have an ambiance which can foster a spirit of fun and friendliness. Therefore, have chill out zones for them which can have snooker tables or any other activity area where your office mates can feel relaxed. Have a place like a cubicle wall etc. wherein one could paste photographs or have a wall with colors where graffiti can be sported etc.

Keep in the mind the taste of your clients/customers

You are in business because of your clients or customers. So ensure that you have enough space for them. If the nature of the office work is that there will a number of clients, vendor’s etc. visiting the office everyday then happing a proper lounge to get them seated is important.

At the same time, have enough discussion rooms so that you can have fruitful discussions with your clients. The discussion rooms can be decked up with designs and colors to bring in that element of vibrancy or can speak about the achievements and laurels that your team has earned as it will boost the client’s confidence in you.

Having a reception is also a good idea as the customers, clients, visitors etc. can be guided through the office once they report at the reception. Also, a reception is a place which should be done up with a lot of care as it is often times the place that can make or break the impression as it is one of the first things that your visitors see after they enter the office. Ensure it is tidy, vibrant and speaks about your brand with the help of your brand or company name, logo etc.

So follow the above mentioned tips and design an office space which is not only comfortable for all but provides the home-like charm and solace for all.