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Pepsi's CEO Writes Letters to the Parents of Her Employees to Express Her Gratitude

Looking for a new way to make your employees feel appreciated? Try this one.

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What we accomplish today is, in part, due to our upbringings. , mentors and guardians play major roles in our success -- that’s what CEO Indrani Nooyi believes.

Monica Schipper | Getty Images

After becoming ’s CEO, people began complimenting Nooyi’s mother on how she raised her. That made Nooyi realize the large role parents played in the success of their children. As a result, Nooyi got out some pen and paper and began personal letters to hundreds of employees’ parents to express her gratitude.

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"I was a product of my upbringing. ... It occurred to me that I had never thanked the parents of my executives for the gift of their child to PepsiCo,” Nooyi said in a video with Bloomberg's David Rubenstein.

Nooyi herself attributes much of her success to her mother and how she was raised. To continue expressing gratitude to parents, Nooyi takes it upon herself to not only make sure these parents are appreciated, but to make sure employees keep their parents updated.

"If I felt that our employees were not calling their parents often enough," she said, "I'd write a letter to them on why it was important to call parents."

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