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Lyft's Biggest Rollout Takes It to 50 New Cities

It's almost done with its expansion plans for 2017.

This story originally appeared on Engadget

has just announced its biggest expansion to date. The ride-sharing is now available in more than 50 new cities and four new states across the US. They're mostly located in the , but the list also includes a few other parts of the country.

This rollout follows another expansion last month that brought the service to more than 40 new locations -- in all, Lyft now operates in more than 300 cities in the United States.

The company announced in January that it plans to establish its presence in 100 more places in the country before the end of 2017. It worked pretty quickly to achieve that goal, and it did so within a month, perhaps to capitalize on Uber's bad rep these days. Whatever Lyft's reason is, you can hail one in any of the 300-plus locations where the service now operates.

Kelly Sullivan/Stringer | Getty Images

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