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How to Grow Your Sales with These Top 5 Outsourcing-Sales Companies

Outsourcing sales strategies can be a game-changer for companies' sales results. Here are some of these consultants' strategies.

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has a proven ability to deliver numerous benefits to companies of all sizes around the world; it's even generated a new industry of organizations to provide the necessary outsourced talent.


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And the trend is spreading: Companies, realizing the savings they can realize in cost and time -- plus the access they can gain to top-tier talent -- are outsourcing more types of functions, from accounting and HR, to IT, to and .

In terms of outsourcing sales specifically, the following five companies have emerged as leaders offering solutions to businesses that want to grow this function, using outside help:

1. Revana:  Revana applies real-time aggregation tools, including AQ360, to create a personalized buyer experience. This outsourcing-sales does this by leveraging an organization’s contextual data to identify specific customer touch points, such as vocal, mobile, social or chat. Revana then fills any customer-experience gaps those channels contain, in order to help client companies acquire, retain and cultivate various types of customer relationships.

The result has been kudos for Revana: Its AQ360 offering earned it a Gold Stevie Award in the new marketing solution division, and it garnered gold in the sales operations team of the year category by helping a shipping leader hire 250 new sales agents in eight weeks, generating a 300 percent spike in ROI and delivering more than $40 million in incremental revenue.

2. Acquirent: Acquirent focuses on middle market companies in the healthcare,  and consulting industries that are seeking a way to rise above that level and reach the next level of sales growth potential. Positioning itself as a world-class sales execution company, this outsourcing sales solution organization combines technology, proven sales processes and a seasoned management team to develop and oversee a cadre of talented salespeople.

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Utilizing sales recruitment, training, and management programs, Acquirent assigns outsourced talent to various teams to create a custom solution for each client it serves, customized to each organization's needs and goals.

3. Marketstar: Pioneering the sales as a service model, Marketstar has spent decades offering outsourcing sales and marketing solutions, evolving with clients' market needs and remaining at the forefront of innovative, outsourced sales approaches.

Working with large organizations around the world, this company uses the sales as a service model to address four key areas that make outsourcing work so effectively for sales. These key areas are: people, insights through data collection, technology that includes a suite of tools and platforms and process and training. By covering all aspects of what an organization would typically have to do to handle its sales in-house, Marketstar delivers a comprehensive process that has helped companies ramp up their sales volumes.

4. Sales Focus Inc.: Sales Focus Inc. is a leader in developing customized sales outsourcing solutions for each of its clients. It grows programs from the ground up and incorporates critical organizational aspects, like a strong corporate culture, into the talent it develops, which then works for all types of companies around the world. As an Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Company and Tech 200 Winner, Sales Focus uses a unique model known as S.O.L.D.

S.O.L.D. stands for “study,” “organize,” “land” and “direct” in terms of focusing on inside and outside sales outsourcing, sales consulting and global and local digital marketing strategies and programs for clients of all sizes, primarily from the industries of travel, technology, retail, healthcare, energy, financial and telecommunications.

5. Sales Partnerships: Sales Partnerships views the sales-outsourcing process as an extension of an organization rather than a separate entity; the result is a seamless feel to everything that it develops and implements for clients. Today, the company represents over 100 different types and sizes of organizations around the world in a very diverse set of industries. And it's built a reputation for providing one of the most innovative and productive outsourced sales solutions available.

It's also been able to differentiate itself by setting up outsourced sales teams quickly while still providing a way for clients to maintain control over certain aspects, like those of targeting customers or territories, and product or service messaging. Sales Partnerships has also utilized a comprehensive range of technology and processes to customize the sales programs it operates for clients, generating an even higher return.

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For companies of all sizes across all industries, outsourcing sales strategies can be a game-changer for your sales results, as well as your bottom line.

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