How Global Firms Should Prep Before Coming to India for Business

Try not to come here as an American company doing PR stunts - Bibop Gresta

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It’s been close to a year since Hyperloop Transportation Technologies had started negotiating with the Indian government on bringing their ambitious technology to India. Going by Bibop Gresta’s words, the company might soon have good news for India, and we surely can’t wait for that to happen!


India has seen many global players show interest in the past and according to Gresta, what a global executive must keep in mind when he comes to the country; is to go local!!

Gresta, who was dressed in Indian ethnic attire himself, further added, “Try not to come here as an American company doing PR stunts, because when you enter a country, you need to understand the culture. I have Indian people working in my company. These folks help us understand the country’s day-to-day problem they want to change,” he said.

Gresta said that Indians have the potential and skills required to drive the necessary change required and they have been a large contributor in building the Silicon Valley in the west.

India is starting to open up slowly and the country has the right politician who will facilitate this process. “I’ve seen a government that is really sensible here. Make in India is not a claim, they want to really pursue this policy for real. I have seen serious discussions around this,” he adds.

Hyperloop is a new mode of passenger and freight transportation that propels a pod-like vehicle through a near-vacuum tube at airline speeds. The pods accelerate to cruising speed gradually using a linear electric motor and glide above their track using passive magnetic levitation or air bearings. The tubes can go above ground on columns or underground, eliminating the dangers of grade crossings.

The company is in talks with 5 states and is set to make an official announcement very soon in the coming week.

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