Director of Oscar-Winning Film Has #4 Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The young writer and director, Barry Jenkins, is the man behind the incredible story of 2016 Academy-award winning film ‘Moonlight’.  


Based on the unpublished play written by him ‘In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue’, Barry made the most mesmerizing composition of his script with heart-breaking music.

By beautifully intermingling social aspects such as race, class, gender, and sexuality, the 37-year old Barry’s creation has received excellent reviews across the world. The Oscar-winning film's director is not just an epitome of creativity, which should be lauded, but it offers a lot more for others to learn from.

Jenkins began his career at the age of 24 with a low-budget independent feature, 'Medicine for Melancholy'. The film was well received by critics. Soon after, Barry wrote two plays which unfortunately did not get an entry in production houses. Keeping his spirits up, Jenkins worked as a carpenter and subsequently co-founded an advertising company called 'Strike Anywhere'. He then went on to work for HBO.

Jenkins’ life can be well-received as an inspiration to many. The force that makes or breaks entrepreneurs. We look into some of the key lessons. 

Never limit your dreams

“Regardless of one’s background and circumstances, one should never limit dreams in life”

In his inspiring speech in 2017 Academy Awards, Barry emphasized on the character’s life in Moonlight which is party based on him. The young director on the dazzling night of Academy Awards said that no matter but there should be no peripheries in dreaming. Jenkins started his speech by saying,

“Tarell [Alvin McCraney] and I are Chiron. We are that boy. And when you watch Moonlight, you don't assume a boy who grew up how and where we did would grow up and make a piece of art that wins an Academy Award. I've said that a lot, and what I've had to admit is that I placed those limitations on myself, I denied myself that dream. Not you, not anyone else — me”

The childhood of Barry was full of hardships when he lost his father at an early age and got separated from his mother. Raised by another woman, Jenkins explored himself and carried forward his talents and interests to attain his dreams. 

  • Excel at diverse things

Jenkins carries a persona that never scares to go out and excel at varied things in life. In his journey of self made career, the Oscar winning film’s director has also worked as a carpenter, writer, an avid member of social club, an advertiser and a filmmaker. Barry has clearly tried his hands out in different things up till now, and would certainly look for many other in life.

In his film, Moonlight as well, he has shown his creativity vastly, starting from storyline to color palettes to straightforward editing. Jenkins’ excellent ideas with his wide experiences are absolutely everywhere in film.

Similarly, in an entrepreneur’s life excelling at varied things in life is always a diversified practice to put in innovative ideas in anything.

  • Diligence and Persistence

“Perseverance with hard work is the key to expand frontiers.”

If you are mad after turning your dream into reality, the diligence and persistence in life will help you attain the success on one. No matter where you belong to, one day it will come to you in a certain way.

As Jenkins spoke in his speech, he explained that, because of where he was from, he did not believe that he could realize his ambitions: "You don't assume a boy who grew up how and where we did would grow up and make a piece of art that wins an Academy Award."

  • Competitive Drive

Irrespective of any situation in life, the competitive drive for every entrepreneur is must to time and again motivate himself/herself.  Barry spotlights the same point marking himself as somebody who is never behind the game once he is in. In the short span of career, Barry has proved his achievement, which is indeed a great learning for all of us.