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Dubai based telecommunications service provider du recently announced the launch of its all-new Smart Home Services for all UAE residents with packages in home automation, home monitoring and IT consultancy services on March 1, 2017.


According to du's recent announcement, the company is offering a technology solution that will integrate within a range of products from various brands and partners. The company is also offering customized and out of the box services and solutions that can be personalized for anyone.

“As a progressive nation with a high youth population, UAE consumers are used to being constantly connected. We are proud today to elevate this connectivity to the home and make the Smart Home a reality for consumers today,” said Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer, du. Installing our smart home experience will enable you to elevate the comfort of your home to new standards and improve safety and security for you and your family. Moreover, it will give you constant control over the goings on, as well as monitoring in your home.”

This new automation technology will enable users to automate and manage various in-home and out-of-home devices, equipment, appliances and environments –these can include lighting, air conditioning and curtain control. The user will be able to monitor and manipulate the automations via interactive switches and panels, as well as universal remote controllers and smart phones. There are two main categories of Home Automation; pre-built packages that include wireless retrofit solutions for in-home and out-of-home devices, equipment, appliances and environments, as well as custom built packages with comprehensive wireless and wired home automation custom designs, for individual customers. This technology will also allow users to remotely monitor and survey in-home and out-of-home environments through wireless or wired IP cameras– this includes indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors.

It allows for notifications and alerts to custom destinations, based on output and triggers. The user is capable of monitoring and manipulating equipment and sensors remotely, via smart phones or tablets and dedicated web interfaces. The pre-built package contains a predefined list of items in various product packages. The custom built solutions have no definite list of items; the project size and price is completely dependent on the size and depth of the customer needs estimated after the initial site survey, the sales engineer will agree with the customer on the desired experiences, type and additional ‘add ons’.

To understand how it works, du invites customers to experience the du Smart Home at its first smart home experience center located in du headquarters in Al Salam Tower, Media City, which showcases a range of smart home solutions. These include home automation –control of lighting, door sensors, automated curtains, AC and various other available appliances; home monitoring - view of home status through cameras and sensors; home entertainment - control of audio and video equipment; and home networking– effective wireless coverage.

Alternatively you can also visit du's website for more information.

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