This Event Management Company Aims to Bring More International Artists to India

This Event Management Company Aims to Bring More International Artists to India
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With the advent of new and advanced technology, music concerts and live events have become very popular among the youth in the past three to four years.

The demand for live events is rising by the day. Concerts are being held in full houses as music lovers are ready to invest their time and money on performing artistes.

Cashing in on this trend, White Fox India, an event production & management venture, aims to make a killing on the growing live entertainment business in India by organizing live concerts in the country along the lines of those held globally.

The event management firm set up by Delhi-based entrepreneur Arjun Jain plans to bring Rihanna, Madonna and other pop icons to India in the next three years. This year it will bring 22-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber to the country as a part of his Purpose World Tour.

Jain’s professional journey commenced with an event helmed by Laidback Luke and under White Fox India in 2013. His experience made him understand the potential of the growing Electronic and Dance Music (EDM) market in India and thereafter he effectively hosted artists like Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Axwell, David Guetta, Hardwell And Above & Beyond, Morgan Page, Dada Life, Sick Individuals in 2013 and 2014.

Talking about his journey, Arjun Jain, Managing Director of White Fox India, said, “We started with the live music space and conducted a bunch of events, from huge concerts to small ones. We have gained popularity for starting India’s biggest food festival called The Grub Fest. We are confident about our infrastructure.”

Authority For Organizing A Musical Event

India has been on the news on several occasions when live music concerts have been cancelled by an international star. The strange part is that no one wants to know the real reason behind the lack of interest in organizing live concerts in India.

For Jain, the main hurdle for an event management company here comes from the government. Companies have to get the approval from a number of departments to host international artists.

“India doesn’t have just one go-to place to get all the required approvals. Getting everything in order is a huge challenge. Because of the infrastructure here, an artist cannot move freely with his/her security,” he explained.

Craze For More International Artists to Come And Perform In India

Despite so many challenges in the event industry, Jain feels overwhelmed by the response his company receives from the audience.

“The response has been phenomenal so far. India has responded at her level best and everyone wants to be part of my shows. We get so many feedbacks from social media where our fans drop so numerous thank you messages for getting international artists perform in our country,” he said and added that he needed to make sure that the show happened in the right manner to help more artists come to the country.

Lack of Technology Holding Back The Indian Event Industry

The event industry can be made popular in India if new companies adopt new technologies. But Jain feels the country is still lagging in terms of technological innovation.

“We don’t have the required infrastructure or resources to introduce fireworks or special effects.  But the country has never witnessed big events, which can give companies the opportunity to invest in proper technology and infrastructure,” he said.

He believes that India, in general, is lacking in the event space as a lot of exciting stuff is happening in other countries.

“I see a huge boom in the industry in the next five years with a lot of big artistes coming to India. I see a number of artistes making news to make sure that they come to India. Over 65 per cent of our population is under 35 years of age. An artiste’s popularity will increase rapidly here as he/she will enjoy the support of 65 per cent of the population. He or she will get the desired exposure in India,” Jain added.

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