#8 Tips On How Women Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Better Work Life Balance

As an entrepreneur, there is no defined scope of responsibility and it is quite easy to be consumed by it

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The modern woman has scaled the peaks of corporate life and has well dug her heels there. What next? One fact that comes up when you think deeper is that there are quite a large number of women who are turning their attention towards entrepreneurship.


In doing so too they are proving themselves with their innovation, creativity, business acumen and sensitivity that is unparalleled. In a world that is witnessing an increasing number of women taking the entrepreneurship way, the age-old question of work-life balance rears its head yet again.

When you are working for an organization, the responsibilities are defined and though they require a certain dedication and answerability, it doesn’t really compare with entrepreneurship game.

As an entrepreneur, there is no defined scope of responsibility and it is quite easy to be consumed by it. As a woman entrepreneur, it becomes doubly difficult when the question of marriage and the responsibility of a family come up.

Many women are known to opt for one and let the other aspect of their lives go. But there’s no need for that! Take a look at these eight tips we compiled for women entrepreneurs to help them strike a work-life balance and take care of these equally important aspects of a woman’s life.

Ask How Good, Not How Much!

Maintaining a work-life balance does not need you quantifying your time at work in comparison to the time you are at home. When you are at work be there completely but once you’re home, leave your phone and laptop in the other room. Dine with the family and spend time helping the kids with your homework. Chalk out some time with your life partner and spend some quality moments.

Bring Your Kids To Work

Child safety and lack of reliable day care facilities is a bane of young mothers’ professional lives. But Hey! You’re the boss! Build an office environment that is kid friendly. A kids’ daycare area that is equipped to handle not just your child but your employees’ children too would solve your problem. This can effectively become a good reason for employees sticking with you for a longer time.

Find Your Rhythm

As a component of work-life balance is the work-life rhythm. While there are going to be periods of intensity when you wouldn’t have time to breathe, there would also be time spans when you have some respite. It is imperative that you take these precious moments to recharge and spend it with your loved ones. Do the things you didn’t find time to do earlier.

50/50 Balance Doesn’t Work!

Try not to go looking for a 50/50 balance. It doesn’t work that way. There are times when you have to pour in 100% at work and at other times your family needs your 100%. To do any of these, you need your full faculties focused on just that.

No Apologies Needed

There are always choices to make, and some can be particularly hard to make. Be clear about where you need to focus your attention on and choose well. If you have to choose your kid’s recital over a coffee, do it unapologetically. It is important to keep your priorities clear, for yourself and your business associates.

Look For Improvements Not Perfection

It would be totally unrealistic to reach for perfection, not to mention frustrating. For that matter can you really achieve a perfect work-life balance? It is important that you leave the stress of this achievement at bay and strive continuously to improve it. There will be times when things will be sorted and there will be times when they wouldn’t. Make sure you work to improve how you handle these times and you’re good!

It's OK To Say No

As a woman entrepreneur, it would be quite easy for you to fall into the trap of doing everything and saying yes to just about anything that’s thrown your way. Draw your own boundaries and stick to them! Ignoring this may lead your business to consume you entirely. Say Yes to what benefits you and No to what doesn’t.

Schedule Me Time

If there’s no you, there’s no business either. Learn to take time off for you. Take care of yourself. Destress, go for that long forgotten health checkup, or just spend a day at the spa. Carve out special time just for you.

Ritika Nangia

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Ritika Nangia, Founder of Funcart.in is a  commerce graduate from Jesus & Mary College Delhi University & has done her post graduation in retail management from NIFT New Delhi. She went to Harvard University for a specialization course in strategic management & international business. She was working in the exports line for 4 years before starting her own venture. She loves travelling and exploring new places.