Learn Some Smart Time-management Tricks From These Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Prepare a to-do list a day in advance and you will never miss out on anything important

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Today’s women are doing exceptionally well in business, putting their grit and perseverance to test and coming out victorious.


Considering the fact that managing a business is one of the many roles that women play, besides looking after the household chores and raising children, makes their success stories even more inspiring.    

Whether doing a job or running a business, a proper time-management skill is what is required to be successful at what you do. Successful women can juggle their roles and responsibilities smoothly because they have mastered the art of using their time judiciously. Entrepreneur India talked to a few successful women entrepreneurs to unlock their time management secrets.

Plan Ahead and Prioritize

Hyderabad-based, hyper-local co-working space start-up iKeva Founder Monika Misra plans her to-do list fastidiously and delegate work to others so that she can maintain the time equilibrium between her office hours and personal life.

“My family knows that iKeva is my baby, and how much I am committed to my priorities. Their support is my strength,” said Misra.   

Tip: Always plan in advance and prioritize, delegate work to your team members and set aside some time for yourself. 

Advice: Prepare a to-do list a day in advance or when you start your morning. It helps you attend your priorities and ensures that you never miss out on anything important.

Be Multi-tasking at Work

The Founder and Director of Terra Greens Organic, Liktha Bhanu, maintained that women do not have superpower to do every work on her own and they should learn to delegate work to others at home as well.  

Bhanu makes sure that besides meeting work and home priorities, she has some me-time as part of her regular routine.She goes out for an hour or two and meets her friends.

Tip:  A woman is always multi-tasking as there is so much to do. But, they should learn to divide work among her family members.  

Advice:Take care of yourself: if you aren’t feeling good, your work will suffer.

Maintaining Calendar Makes Everyday Easy

The Co-founder of Cashkaro.com, Swati Bhargava, opined that waking up early and maintaining a calendar for your work ease the morning rush.  

Bhargava said, “As the day progresses, I keep checking with my to-do list. Other than this, I usually make all personal or non-work calls during my morning walks to utilize the time in the most effective way.”

Talking about how important it is to take breaks from work, Bhargava said she usually unwinds spending quality time with her husband Rohan. “We squeeze in a quick weekend break to come back re-charging ourselves,” she added.

My time-management mantra:  End each day with a plan for tomorrow. Have a head-start next morning.

Advice:  Take 2-10 minutes every morning to just sit still and visualize how you want the day to go. That’s when the clarity and decisions bubble up.

Eight-hour Work Cycle Works 

“Scheduling is the key,” said Amruda Nair, Managing Director of Aiana Hotels. As Nair manages two offices in two different countries —  India and Qatar — she splits her time and plan her day accordingly.

Nair pre-plans her week to have fixed days for after-work activities. 

Tip: Learn to say no as you cannot always be everywhere. Try and schedule calls for early morning as that works for all the time-zones if you have businesses across the countries.

Advice: Take care of yourself so that you can be physically and mentally present to help others.

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