How Using this Tool can Make your Business Process Easier

Business Process Management software plays a pivotal role in the progression to mature enterprise mobility solutions

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Mobile phones disrupted and transformed several industries in a couple of years in the past.

However, as the mass adoption of technology continues to gather momentum, the low-cost distributed sensor networks are not just restricted to making and receiving calls. We live in a global environment where, to stay connected and updated is the need of the hour. Smart devices such as phones, tablets, and personal digital assets have redefined the corporate environment. With more employees using smart devices and the rising dependence on cloud connectivity to complete business tasks anywhere anytime, enterprise mobility comes into the picture.

Apart from fulfilling the needs and demands of customers, enterprises want to go that extra mile and surpass their expectations.

In the endeavor, enterprises are required to equip and empower their workforce to be productive enough even when they are on the go. Like any transformation or disruption in business trends, organizations that are open to the change and are willing to adapt quickly can counter the cut-throat competition in the long-term prospect.

Enterprises need to be cognizant of the fact that the real leverage comes from connecting systems, processes, people and things of the organization so that they can operate in the right context and deliver results.

Why does Enterprise Mobility Matter?

Smart mobile devices have built-in ability to gather information. The difference between information gathered via conventional sources and information collected via mobile devices is that it is contextual. It includes characteristics like user activity, geolocation, availability of the employee, etc. So, contextual information is relevant and can be converted into contextual intelligence, which can provide employees with relevant tools and enable them to execute tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

Where does BPM Fit in?

Enterprise applications are software platforms or applications that enable enterprises solve complex and mission -- critical problems. What does building enterprise applications mean? You rely on Business Process Management (BPM).

With passage of time, BPM has evolved to a point where it can integrate natively with a mobile application development platform and provide its capabilities through a traditional process modeling environment. Therefore, enterprises are best suited to leveraging BPM and mobility together to create mobile app-enabled enterprise applications. Business process management (BPM) software plays a pivotal role in the progression to mature enterprise mobility solutions. Latest versions of BPM have evolved to such an extent, where in-built mobile application development capabilities are featured.

BPM tools that work alongside these mobile applications leverage low-code development functions into the hands of business users. Thus, business and IT teams can seamlessly collaborate while developing proprietary apps. The teams can also ensure that the technology and corporate functionality sides of the app work in tandem with each other and deliver a seamless experience to end users.

BPM solutions with built-in mobile application development capabilities offer a rich framework that develop, deploy and manage highly configurable hybrid mobile apps and support multiple mobile ecosystems. With its plug and play components and capabilities for enterprise-level security, advanced data and document capture, and ready adaptors for back-end integration, the solutions facilitate enterprises for rapid and low-code app development. By combining the power of BPM with the utility of enterprise applications, enterprises can drive greater efficiencies and ensure quicker ROI.

It certainly goes without saying that the future of enterprise applications is mobile. As organizations dealing on a micro scale are increasingly making a move toward digital workplace, large companies are facing the heat from smaller "mobile-first" companies that are disruptive and eating up market share. Thus, organizations mustrealize the immediate need of the hour, take appropriate steps and harness the power of BPM and mobility.