Virender Jeet


Virender Jeet is the senior Vice-president, technology, at Newgen Software. 



Overcoming Digital Disconnect a Key in Crafting a Delightful Customer Journey

A bad experience may result from any of the three, or a combination thereof


Enabling Digital Transformation With New Age Technologies

Digital Sensing enables you to continuously listen to your customers across channels, discover the context and trigger processes for appropriate real-time action or response


Robotic Process Automation in Insurance: Changing the Face of the Industry

RPA streamlines the end-to-end process lifecycle through the integration of front-end technologies with existing back-office processes


CRM: Going Digital To Improve Customer Satisfaction

CRM system which helps track all activities related to a case in terms of progress and resolution, and in turn provides a complete view of all interactions and customer relationships

Growth Strategies

CCM: When Customers are the Ringmaster, How Should the Company Act

Ignoring customer care is not an option any more

News and Trends

Here's What You Can Expect Out Of Business Process Management in 2018

Business Process Management has been and will continue to be crucial to any organization's digital transformation in 2018

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