#5 Yoga Poses an Entrepreneur Can Do to Combat Stress

Yoga makes one dynamic, powerful, fluid, force, humble, subtle, tolerant and patient

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Let's face it -- stress is something we have started accepting as a way of life. Children go through stress at school, youth in college, the adults in their ambitious careers, entrepreneurial ventures and corporate set-ups, the elderly folks with their retirement, parents with raising their children, and so on and so forth.


Everyone seems to be chasing time with their set of deadlines and there's just no spare moment to stop and breathe.

When you have your own business it's hard to unplug. You feel like you will miss something important or people will say we're not dedicated. Being constantly available for your employees and ensuring that management at all levels is smooth and efficient.

While India is known as a country with the highest number of heart disease, cancer and diabetes patients, another silent killer which is significantly impacting health is stress. Though most people go through mild anxiety from time to time, but chronic anxiety takes a tremendous toll on the body, draining energy resources and creating a state of constant unrest.

Yoga to Maintain Spiritual Equilibrium

Yoga is integration and the mother principle of joining and coming together and becoming the whole. This whole means wholesomeness which is the pure potential of being and becoming everything. Yoga also means psychological equilibrium and spiritual equilibrium and uplift of one's emotional quotient i.e. cheer, joy, celebration.

The most important aspect at the physical level; yoga means invincibility in health. Health means healing oneself. Yoga comprises of breathing, stretching, contraction, using gravity, using body weight, etc. together which challenges the body, increases tolerance and helps in coping with stress. With simple breathing exercises, you breathe in energy and breathe out stress and negative energy.

Yoga is the perfect activity to reduce stress, physically and mentally.

Yoga makes one dynamic, powerful, fluid, force, humble, subtle, tolerant and patient. Yoga makes one a personality or character that this world deserves to have and for the individual to add value for a wellness revolution, world revolution, disease free, naturalized and optimized world.

Here are five yoga poses that are perfect for busy, ambitious, and sometimes-stressed-to-the-max entrepreneurs.

First: Chair Forward Bend

Sit on the chair raise your hands, stretch upwards and breathing out touch the ground.


  • Beneficial to build strong arms and back
  • Tighten core muscles

Second: Sitting Crunch

Sit on the chair, open up your arms, join your palms and do a crunch.


  • Works out your chest muscles, arms and abdomen.

Third: Chakrasana - Wheel Pose

Sitting on the chair, stretch your hands backward in chakrasana (wheel pose).


  • Wheel pose is great for strengthening your wrists, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs so expect smooth, toned muscles.

Fourth: Side Stretch

Sitting on the chair, twist to the left and twist to the right for 15 times each side. Add more value by stretching on left and right side for 15 times each.


  • Works on your abdomen, helps to tone waist.

Fifth:Leg Extension

Extend your legs with hands raised touch your toes put your legs back down again extend your legs hands up touch your toes put your legs back down.


  • Great workout to exercise your back, abdomen, calves and hamstrings
These are some of the simplest exercises, entrepreneurs can do at desk. Additionally, young chaps and can also look for options like walking or cycling to work. Try doing some team building exercises like holding sessions once a week on Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics so the staff is also up on their fitness game. Companies can have special challenge days like Plank Challenge, Squat Challenge, etc which will really be beneficial.