Let This Independence Day Be Free From Waste

Be part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Start early.

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We strive for a more liberal, progressive and evolved society today but all this can only be accomplished through a healthier environment.So, what are we doing on our part to promote a greener and healthier future? What examples are we setting for our fellow individuals? Are we ready to take the blame and work on it?

Civic Sense Game

The Problem

One of the biggest menace today is the improper segregation of waste. The lack of knowledge of the importance of waste segregation has made us use more resources than required and in this process, exhaust all our natural resources and exploit earth.This resource depletion will take its toll not only on the present generation but on the future generations to come. If paper waste is segregated we could recycle and keep a watch over our carbon footprint and do our part as responsible civilians.

Resource depletion is just one of the big issues we face. Irresponsible waste disposal can also be a fleeting ground for innumerable diseases.Garbage pollution is the main reason for various bacterial diseases. Gastrointestinal, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, malaria skin diseases and respiratory allergies are the diseases which are caused by not treating garbage in the right way.

“It’s about People. Not Waste” —  Antonis Mavropoulos, Founder and CEO of D-Waste

The Solution

A simple step of segregating waste can help one recycle waste and in some way, give back to the environment.This ensures we work towards a more sustainable and healthier future.

Having stated the importance and need for waste segregation today we must understand that the earlier the practice is imbibed in an individual the higher the productivity would be. Waste segregation shouldn’t be inculcated only at home. Schools, offices, and other public places need this practice as well.

What We Can Do?

For starters, talking about the impact of improper waste segregation could help.

Getting everybody on board and ensuring that even kids are taught the importance from a very young age. By being an active member in various clubs and organisations which support such greener cause we can become more aware of our responsibilities.

Kids can be taught the importance through fun activities at school and by engaging in fun-games which drive such social messages. One such game that I have come across is Civic Sense Game-a fun game which focuses on waste segregation at source suited for all age groups because of its highly interactive and engaging game-play. There are many more steps that we can take to create a more serene and colourful tomorrow. But the main idea is the drive for change and realise we need to start small and start now!

So, let this Independence Day not just shed light on our freedom struggle but also be the start of more responsible civilians working towards a greener and healthier environment. This Civic Sense can be a ripple and soon cause a movement for a more healthy and sustainable tomorrow.