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What's Unique About Dating an Older Entrepreneur

They talk business at dinner, but only long enough to make the meal tax deductible.

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Entrepreneurs are already a unique breed when it comes to their personalities and relationships. While many entrepreneurs are millennials, considerable number are older. Both older male and female entrepreneurs may be new to the game or they may be seasoned business owners who have worked on their own for years.

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Whatever the case, they also have their unique traits to be aware of if you are considering dating an older entrepreneur that you may or may not like.

Higher energy.

If you are thinking that you will be falling in love with an old soul who is happy to just chill on the sofa, think again if you have picked an older entrepreneur. They are very high energy and are used to going non-stop and will expect you to be the same.

Maybe you thought just younger entrepreneurs worked this way, but typically older entrepreneurs are on this career path because they have so much drive and zest for life. You may not be able to keep up, even if you are younger.

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No drama or baggage.

They don't want emotional drama, games, or baggage weighing them down. These older entrepreneurs also don't have time to deal with childish issues.  

They most likely have been there, done that, and left that far behind them. Instead, it's about real communication and just enjoying the time together.

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Team dating.

You will most likely be dating more than the older entrepreneur. It will feel as though the team that surrounds them is part of your relationship. Because they spend so much time together, you may find that these team members take a lot of your date's attention away.

You'll need to figure out quickly how to not be jealous of these other relationships. They are just part of running a business. In deferring to the aforementioned preference for no drama, there is no need to show hurt or anger with your significant other about these extra people who seem to tag along on your dates.

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Focused on success and social good.

Older entrepreneurs most likely have already had jobs where they could exert power and control. Now, they are looking for something entirely different and deeply rewarding from their careers.

Be aware that your prospective partner is more focused on creating success and changing the world for the better than making money and being in charge.

They are more comfortable with who they are and clear about what they want to accomplish. If you are looking for someone who is focused on social good, you will definitely want to date an older entrepreneur.

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They are still kids at heart.

Their energy levels should give away the fact that they are still just kids at heart. These older entrepreneurs want to squeeze every last ounce of joy out of life possible and know that focus on fun is a good way to feel young.

Although they work hard, these older entrepreneurs may be more likely to take more personal time out for themselves and you because they want to get the most out of life.

That's not to say they believe they will drop dead next week; it's just a realization and greater appreciation for the limited time we are all given to make our mark.

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Not looking to start a family.

If you are younger and interested in an older partner, you want to make sure you are on the same page about life goals like having a family. They either have already had children or were never interested.

There is a good chance that they are not going to want to have a second family or start at all. The relationship is about companionship and enjoying each other's company.

Think of their business as their child (and grandchild). As long as you feel the same way, there son't be any disappointment.

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Different communication style.

While you are used to texting and Snapchatting, your older entrepreneur date may not approach communication the same way. They may continue using the mechanisms they are used to like picking up the phone and speaking to each other as they do in business.

The best way you can make this work is to respect their communication style and use it to maintain a good level of communication. It's a mistake to think an older entrepreneur is going to instantly adapt how you interact with people. Over time, you may be able to compromise but while dating it's important to appreciate how they do things.

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Worth the effort.

Dating an older entrepreneur is decidedly different but well worth the need to adapt. You will be able to experience an exciting time that will include travel, new places and people, and a high level of enthusiasm for life and you being a part of it.

If this is something you want out of a relationship then you can consider dating sites that cater to those over fifty years of age like OurTime and reach out to seasoned entrepreneurs who may be listed on these sites looking for someone who understands -- and even wants -- these unique traits.

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