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4 Hidden Places You are Losing Leads on Your Facebook Page

Unlock the secrets of your Facebook business page, and earn more leads by optimizing these key areas.

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My family and I just got back from a great trip to London. I was there for a speaking engagement and brought the family along for a summer holiday. While there, we visited the Warner Bros. set of Harry Potter. It was fun to see the set and “unlock the Chamber of Secrets.”

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There were many hiding places in plain view from the movies, places where treasures and riches could be found if only opened ...

The thing of make believe and fairy tales?

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What if I told you the same is true of your Facebook Page? There are four places right now that you could use to get more leads from your page. It is true, although almost every business is missing leads right now because they haven’t unlocked these treasures.

Here’s the key ...

The four places you are losing leads on your Facebook Page right now if you aren’t using them are:

1. Your cover photo

The image at the top of your Facebook page is a prime place to gather leads. You can create something to look like a button on the image encouraging visitors to click through. When a visitor clicks on your cover photo, up will come the description of it and in that description you can put a link to your opt-in location.

For example, we are currently running a free training on how to get 10,000-plus fans in 72 hours. When you click on the cover photo, the following image description comes up:

Attention Business Owners Who Want To Get Business From Facebook...

How To Get 10,000 Facebook Fans In Less Than 72 Hours... LIVE!

(and get PAID to do it!!!)


Visitors can click right through and sign up for the free training.

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2. The call-to-action button

In an unusually generous offering, Facebook encourages businesses to send traffic to a website or a phone call directly from their Facebook page. Yet, I find most businesses using Facebook don’t use this feature.

In stats shared by Facebook, I know that in the last week alone, 34 people visited my free training opt-in page right from this button.

3. Your "About" section

This spot is where you put the short description of your business. What Facebook doesn’t advertise is that if you put a URL in there, it becomes a clickable link. This is another place to insert your opt-in offer.

Mine reads like this:

Mom, Fueled by my children’s laughter, coffee, prayer, and a mission to get professionals the respect & income they deserve. Get 10,000 Fans in 72 Hours:

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4. The story of your page

This is another spot that doesn’t advertise it, but if you put a link in, it becomes a clickable link. Utilize this space to get even more people to opt-in to your page.

Mine reads like this:

Kim Walsh Phillips is the world's #1 expert at empowering successful professionals to reach 1 million dollars in annual revenue. She is the CEO of Elite Digital Group, a direct response social media agency, Elite Capital Advisors, lead generation for financial advisors, and Powerful Professional, a community of professionals who lead by their example. She is also the co-author of the bestselling book with Dan Kennedy, “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing.”

To join Kim in a free live training on how to get 10,000 Facebook fans in 72 hours, click here:

If you don’t have all four of these places filled out, chances are you are losing leads right this very minute. Take some time to fill them in now and start collecting those hidden treasures immediately.

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