Want to Start Your Own Garden? These #4 Apps Will Help You

Many start-ups and companies are building in apps through which one can easily measure plant growth and health.

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Gardening is the most common hobby among youngsters today. Watching your plants grow is always an exciting experience especially because you cultivate them with so much love & care like that of a mother's.


With technology providing the world with a solution for nearly everything, many companies are building apps that could help one monitor their plant's growth and health.

Let's take a look at four apps that are making gardening easy and time-saving for complete beginners. 

Grow2Share: Grow2Share is an app that aims to create a community of urban gardeners in Bengaluru through their interactive platform. Founded by Mayank Agarwal, Apoorva Jaiswal and Friederike Fokuhl on World Environment Day, the app encourages people to grow their own healthy and pesticide free vegetables, share their produce with other and create green spaces in each city. It also provides step-by-step flow of how to grow and harvest your veggies and fruits along with answering gardening queries of gardeners.

PlantNet : Developed by scientists from four French research organizations (Cirad, INRA, Inria and IRD), and the Tela Botanica network, PlantNet is an image sharing and retrieval app for the identification of plants. It organizes a different database of plants. It also detects more than 150 plant pests & diseases automatically by analyzing the picture and giving instant feedback on the problem. Apart from that, the free app offers a huge community those exchanges about topics like crop cultivation, disease control, and best practices.

Grow Plants: Created by Gurugram-based Agastya Ahluwalia, Grow Plants app provides the users plant details such as optimum temperature, water, humidity and more to grow an air purifying plant easily. The app also sends frequent push notifications with plant care tasks to ensure that the plant thrives and purifies the air. Apart from that, the app allows you to track your progress through pictures and notes. It also contains a forum, where one can discuss tips, tricks and troubleshoot any problems with the rest of the app community members.

Greenopia: Greenopia app provides real time information on how your plant is doing, from anywhere in the world. With its intelligent recommendations, one can easily know what needs to be done to keep the plant healthy. The startup provides a smart gardening kit that includes smart pots and a mobile app which makes sure that the plants get water. It is also trying to create a community or platform to help users share their pictures and experiences with other users on the platform. The beautiful, handcrafted stoneware planter listens to the plant, relays it to the app and waters it when required.


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