Planning to go Abroad for Studies, Checkout These Start-ups

Considering the huge number of students who go abroad every year, entrepreneurs sensed the business opportunity in this segment

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As students enter the dreaded Class XII, it is not just the impending boards that scare most of them. It’s the thought of what course they should pursue after this that most students worry about.


From a distant relative suddenly calling up to ask, “What are your plans for the future?” to parents often pressurizing students to pursue engineering or medical studies, students are always confused. And when a student is planning to go abroad for higher studies, the tension is even more.

Entrepreneur India takes a look at the start-ups that students should check out if they are planning to go overseas for education.

Establishing the Right Connect

When planning to go abroad, most students are usually lost. Starting from the right college to apply to the confusion about how to process the application, students usually look for an experienced professional to help them out.

Considering the huge number of students who go abroad every year, start-ups sensed the business opportunity in this segment. Palo-Alto (San Francisco)-based Stoodnt has Indian founders, who are providing Indian students access to North American and Canadian colleges. With their advisory services, they are able to connect students to the right institutions and key persons. They even promise that 50 per cent of the fees will be refunded if the student fails to get through the college.

Budget it Out

One of the biggest worries about going abroad is, understanding the finances involved in it. Parents, although eager to send their children abroad for further education, are often concerned about the loans that they will have to take for the purpose. Keeping in mind this problem, the good folks at Fox Counsel help students plan the financial part of their entire education. With their algorithms, they help students plan their entire budget. All students have to do is, submit the duration of their college course, tuition fees and flight expenses etc., and the calculator on their website offers a holistic figure. Students can even look for loan options through their website.

Bag the Scholarship

With funding being a major issue that students need to keep in mind while applying abroad, they turn to look for scholarships. Start-ups like Collegify help students in the entire application process, thus aiding them find scholarships too. With connects in over 120 universities globally, Collegify also helps students get into Ivy league colleges. With their hands-on approach, they guide both parents and students on how to plan the whole process, right from coaching to even building the student’s resume.

Learning the Language

You are going to a foreign country, you don’t know their language and you are constantly worried about how you’ll find your way when you are lost. Well, sensing this as a major problem for many students, Culture Alley rolls out courses in various languages. Students can easily take up a course, learn the language of the country they are going to and then head abroad with one less worry.

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