#8 Reasons for Pursuing a Career in Psychology

Psychologist are people, who are for ever engaged in the creation and exploration of knowledge

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Professionals day in day out trying to study and evaluate complex behavioral pattern and emotions are referred to as Psychologist. These are the people working in areas that amalgamate general principles and science for outcomes. Psychological knowledge is frequently applied to the categorisation and treatment of mental health. 


The major number of psychologists today are often active in some kind of therapeutic role, practicing in clinic, counseling, school settings or Ngo’s. Psychology is employed in all fields may it be sports, crime , education, health or any other subject. Psychologist are the people, who are for ever engaged in the creation and exploration of knowledge.


1. Analyse and Report

Observe and report are the basic foundation of any psychologist as a person. Questioning every aspect is the key for every outcome. Eagerness to analyse, report and interpret are intense qualities to withhold if you want to pursue psychology. All data and actions have to be recorded for further analysis. Based on the actions and reactions previously recorded statistics are formed. Solutions are then evolved for further enhancement. Its a chain of events leading to knowledge untouched.


2. Interest in Human Behavior

 People always interested in behavior, emotions and actions should opt for psychology. A degree in this further enhances your skills to study why and how people behave in certain ways at different point of times. The joy of learning and understanding why people give certain reaction alone is reason enough to pursue Psychology.


3. Thoughtful, Rewarding and Ambitious

If you have a thing for puzzle and problems then a degree of psychology might be just perfect for you. Evaluating theoretical and practical problems is a galactic part of this job. As the nature of this occupation is quiet dynamic you will never fall short of problems and solutions.  In the end for those with the right vigour, endurance and critical thinking skills, it will be a handsomely rewarding line of work. 

4. Passion for Psychology

The best and just reason to learn and earn a degree in any subject is for the love of it. Alway searching content online and reading books on psychology are factors enough to prove your love for the subject. If you look onward to this subject as your forte then being a psychologist should be your goal.

5. Motivation and Encouragement to Others

In this world of stress and oppression people are often left adrift.  We need to encourage people to come out and speak about their issues and be fearless of course. Psychologist are the perfect example in this situation to help people open up and come out unflinching. They dive deep into the human mind for research and explanation to help people overcome their adversity. So, if you can heed and motivate this job is tailored and mastered for you.

6. Employment Chances

 Every field hosts job opportunities for psychology.  It is a resourceful degree to hold as probability to stay employed is at its peak. A fair number of openings are presented by both government and private sector institutions in Education, sports ,Ngo’s, criminal and many other. After several years of experience in this field psychologists those with doctoral degrees enter freelance practice or set up private research or consulting firms.  A  course in psychology makes you prominently versatile to join any industry.

 7. Communication

Enthusiasm in Socializing is another element to opt for psychology. Constant comprehension of factors like emotion, language, and body language can help one in modification and improvement of social communication skills.  Learning more about the aforementioned elements assists in a greater understanding of other people and what they are trying to express.

8. Versatile and Dynamic

Having a basic understanding of psychology tells you that a lot of research material is needed. Hesitation to look into different aspects for knowledge is a hindrance in this trade. For a better understanding of facts books, magazines, television and real life incidences need to be scrutinized. Versatile and dynamic students of psychology means that they are prepared to sort out the truth from the fiction by going through all material necessary.

Anuja Kapur

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Anuja Kapur is the famous Criminal Psychologist. She is a Delhi University Graduate and did her bachelor’s in psychology after that she joined Delhi Public School as a student counsellor.