Are You Too Busy To Exercise ? Follow these Fitness Tips

Business meetings over food and drinks may be unavoidable, but fried chicken and bacon pizza are definitely avoidable

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Perhaps staying in shape is one of the most difficult tasks for a busy entrepreneur. Also, factors like workplace stress, unhealthy food choices and long office hours take a real toll on their health.


Considering their busy schedule and demanding work, health always takes a backseat to keep the business alive. So how can one stay in shape when there is no time to exercise?

Entrepreneur India lays bare a few tips that will help busy entrepreneurs get success in fitness too.

Move More at Work

Celebrity Zumba Trainer Sucheta Pal shared a simple hack —move while working. For people who work long hours in office, switching from sitting to standing desks might be a healthier option.

“Opt for a standing desk option so that you can stand and do coding or take a phone call. Order lunch from healthy take away outlets and take small walks after lunch to get the metabolism activated,” she said.

A Healthy Present for a Healthier Future

Soft drink consumption is considered as one of the major causes of the growing rate of obesity in many countries. Many aerated drinks are mainly considered unhealthy because of their high sugar content.

Piyush Mathur, CEO-Hielo Beverages India said a balanced diet with a fitness regime is the key to a healthy life.

“The current scenario suggests that everyone prefers a lifestyle, which is health-driven. The aerated drinks available in the market come with the definite factor of harmfulness to human health, due to the preservatives and other external factors. It affects our health every time we consume it. Instead, we should choose a beverage, which has the natural source of Fibre, Vitamin, and another necessary minerals to compliment a healthy lifestyle so that we can avoid severe heart conditions, obesity or reproductive problems etc,” he stressed.

Don’t Choose Job Over Your Health

Pooja Sachin Duggal, CEO & Founder at Healthhunt suggested one should never choose job over health, but instead, try accomplishing both. You may or may not succeed at first, but just the effort is enough to bring a difference to your health.

She further shared a few dietary and exercise tips for busy entrepreneurs.

“Take business calls while pedaling on the exercise bike, revise business proposals when you’re sweating it on the treadmill, and hold internal meetings in the park early in the morning. Business meetings over food and drinks may be unavoidable, but fried chicken and bacon pizza are definitely avoidable,” she said.

“Pick a healthier restaurant, order wisely, and choose alcoholic drinks without sugary mixers, which are nothing but empty calories. Small measures like these always add up to a lot in the long run. Educate yourself on nutrition-label readings so that you can make informed choices. They will bring you powerful results and positive changes,” she added.

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