How Can Entrepreneurs Stay Calm Under Work Pressure?

Starting your own venture can be rewarding, but the stress can't be undermined

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An entrepreneur’s life is incomplete without challenges. Long working hours, deadline pressure, enormous workload and stress are unavoidable. Starting your own venture can be rewarding, but the stress can’t be undermined.


So how can one stay calm under pressure?   

Entrepreneur India shares with you few quick tips to stay calm and focused at your workplace.

Keep Your Cool

Himani Mishra, Vice-president, Team Pumpkin starts her day with gym and yoga, which energizes her to be more positive and stay focused on the outcome of her work. It prevents her thoughts from straying during work.

“Being cool-headed when situations become challenging is a skill that comes with practice. I am a good listener, and being a go-getter, I know what I want to deliver. So I stick to my gun while making decisions. I empathize with my team and clients as I know their values. My focus stays on the outcome of a project or any other work and I ensure that it is good,” she explained.

Mishra said entrepreneurs must be kind and understanding in nature and always respect others.

“This helps you win others’ heart and you are sure to be benefitted from them,” Mishra said.

Leaders Can Reduce Employee Stress

Anand Tandon, ‎Founder & CEO, ‎ always acts as a handhold for his team in stressful times and ensures they don’t lose faith in themselves.

“At Myforexeye, we have mastered the art of staying calm under pressure. Difficult situations like missed sales opportunities, missed timelines and missing out on growth targets put the team in tough times.  This is the time when they look forward to a calm and composed leader. The problem lies with the follow-up techniques, rather than the person. Therefore, it becomes important to do a thorough analysis and find solutions,” he said.

To overcome fatigue and loss of energy, Tandon guides his team to plan their day better by starting early and using lunchtime to gather advice from their peers on how they are managing their work.

“The entrepreneurial journey is like a mad dream. I enjoy the highs and lows attached to my business and never lose my cool, whatever may be the reason,” Tandon added.

Don't Make Stressful Situations Permanent

For Ketan Kapoor, CEO & Co-founder of Mettl, high-intensity situations bring out the methodical best in entrepreneurs.

“Every time I find myself trapped in a trying situation, I think of ‘regression to the mean’. When you know that good, bad or neutral situations are never permanent, it becomes a lot easier to function during tough times. Bad times pass, and I prefer to steer the ship through it,” he stressed.

Practice a Breathing Exercise

Many relaxation techniques or breathing exercises can help entrepreneurs remain calm and positive all through the day. Psychologist Pulkit Sharma suggests few ways to manage stress and remain calm.

“Learn to ignore minor frustrations and inconveniences as not all problems are emergencies. Communicate clearly with your subordinates and clients because many a time people don’t understand what is really expected from them. Practise a breathing exercise or a relaxation technique on a daily basis. Lastly, follow a fixed daily schedule that has a good work and life balance because entrepreneurs tend to be over-involved in their work,” he said.

Have a Stress-free Environment

Another psychologist Anuja Kapur said it is very important for the growth, development, and well-being of employees at a workplace to have a stress free environment.

“Lot of motivational seminars should be conducted along with counseling sessions to discuss psychological issues. The board of directors should address the employees and boost their self-esteem,” Kapur shared.

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