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Here Is Everything We Know About Elon Musk and Tesla's Latest Surprise

Stay tuned for Tesla's semi-truck prototype on Thursday.


While Tesla has had its fair share of recent troubles, thanks to delayed production of the company’s $35,000 Model 3, it hasn’t stopped founder and CEO Elon Musk from hyping the unveiling of the company’s latest product, a semi-truck.


Even though, as recently as a few weeks ago, Musk was burning the midnight oil at the Tesla Gigafactory, his massive lithium ion battery production facility in , to get things back on track, it seems that he is in high spirits ahead of Thursday’s livestreamed presentation.

So what do we know about the truck? Not too much. As is his wont, Musk has kept details about the vehicle largely under wraps. This summer, it was reported that the big rig truck has a working range of 200 to 300 miles and the company has its eye on entering regional commercial freight markets. The company is also reportedly working on self-driving for the truck.

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During a July earnings call, Musk had this to say of the semi-truck initiative. “A lot of people don’t think you can do a heavy-duty, long-range truck that’s electric, but we are confident that this can be done.”

It is possible that we have already gotten a glimpse of the vehicle, thanks to a potentially leaked photograph in early October, but as ever, Musk played coy when asked directly about it on Twitter.

It appears that the prototype of the semi-truck was initially supposed to be rolled out in late October, but the rollout date was pushed thanks to the manufacturing hiccup for the Model 3 and making additional batteries for the company’s contribution to relief effort for in the wake of .

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