#4 Ways How Every Weekday Can be a Weekend For You

These spaces are designed to be a mood-lifter and are very different from the drag and dull buildings of corporate behemoths

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Are you working (read: slogging) through the weekdays only for the weekend? And as the week begins, you reach work with a serious case of Monday Blues? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of millennials who have joined the corporate workforce suffer from what we call; the weekday syndrome or the weekend hangover. They begin their week with the hope that Friday comes a tad bit early this time.


But the times they are a changin'.

With the concept of co-working spaces becoming a huge hit and globally renowned WeWork debuting in India, corporates and start-ups alike are giving into the "in" thing of today. These spaces are designed to be a mood-lifter and are very different from the drag and dull buildings of corporate behemoths. They are fun and quirky and even allow one to begin their weekend party at work. Beer, anyone?

Get Inspired, Get Started

With international architects often involved in these projects, these co-working spaces are built in a way that it has an entrepreneur or an employee pumped up to start the day. With graffiti on the walls to inspiring quotes everywhere, the space with its bright pop colours is sure to brighten your mood. In fact, WeWork Bengaluru and Mumbai, are bright and airy areas that allow sunlight into your office space, ensuring that it's not a concrete congestion.

Happy hours, All day Erryday!

If there's one thing that every entrepreneur likes to do after office hours, it's talk about entrepreneurship over a glass of beer! Networking is an important part of the start-up life, for founders to build their network and meet investors, mentors or even peers from whom they can learn more. But imagine if you can do all of that, by just opening your office door! That's exactly what you'll be able to do at a WeWorkshared office space.

No Need to Leave Your Best Friend at Home

For all our furry friend-lovers, there's one thing that worries them - leaving their pets at home, especially when work extends beyond normal working hours. Understanding the needs of entrepreneurs who work day in and day out, WeWork is a pet-friendly space! And isn't it better to have your cat sit next to you while you watch all those cat videos at work?

Go for a Jog or a Swim and Then Head to Work

Haven't we all been there where we complain about missing our exercise regime for the day because of work? Or are you one of those who have easily blamed work for never showing up at the gym? Well, no more excuses there. WeWork Galaxy (Bengaluru) is of the first office space that boasts of a swimming pool and Jacuzzi at work! Not just that, it's in-house gym makes sure that you can no longer have the work excuse for a pot belly.

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