#7 Reasons to Improve B2B E-commerce Experience for Consumers

If given a right push towards presentation with a focus on aesthetics B2B e-commerce can give better user experience to its consumers.
#7 Reasons to Improve B2B E-commerce Experience for Consumers
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If you see the current business sentiments it is evident that B2B e-commerce is taking giant leaps as compared to B2C e-commerce business. Since B2B e-commerce is booming, it is high time that entrepreneurs invest a certain amount of time and take efforts to make B2B e-commerce experience pleasant and attractive for the consumers. If given the right push towards presentation with a focus on aesthetics, B2B e-commerce can give better user experience to its consumers.

According to me, below are the seven reasons to improve B2B e-commerce experience for consumers-

  • Customer Retention:

Customers move towards your competitors as soon as they start experiencing a bad interface. The moment your customer starts to experience a technical glitch or interface with latency, he/she will move to another e-commerce site within a short span of time. And in a time like this where almost every e-commerce website has their own mobile app, consumers download all the apps and keep switching between the apps that provide them the best consumer service and better user experience. 

  • To Attract New Customers

New customers will only be attracted when they experience better user experience. Since people have a hassle-free experience with B2C e-commerce, it is must give them good user experience in B2B e-commerce as well. New visitors can be your future consumers/customers hence to increase the traffic on your B2B e-commerce platform you need to be future ready and well equipped with a better interface and user experience. 

  • Positive Word of Mouth

A good consumer experience ensures a positive word of mouth for your business. If a consumer is there with you for a longer span of time, he/she will always say good things about your B2B e-commerce which is a very important tool for making your website more visible. A person out of curiosity will check your website and that in turn boost your SEO and click counts. In this scenario, having better user experience is a must as a word of mouth can go negative as well if the user experience is not up to the mark.

  • Business Longevity Depends on Customer Satisfaction

Everyone wants their business longevity to be strong as there is no point in putting so much of your energy and resources in something which is not going to last long. Your B2B business will only be strong if it has a strong and loyal customer support. Entering the business of e-commerce is not difficult but reaching a position and retaining is utmost challenging due to huge competition in the market.

  • Negative Reviews Will Screw Your Business

If you do not focus on providing a good user experience to your website visitors, you are more likely to amass negative reviews. A customer may not share a positive review for the business however, it is a common human tendency to give a negative review or vent out frustration against the business in some cases wherein a customer had faced a negative experience or certain problem. With the emergence of social media and review portals, if negative reviews become viral, it severely damages the credibility of the business.

  • Business Consumers are Also Like Normal Consumers

Business consumers are no different than normal B2C customers in the sense they all want an experience which is not complex and offers great flexibility so that they can easily choose their product with utmost ease. In B2B websites, one should ensure that the interface should not be cluttered with non-relevant information and should provide data and points in straight easy ways.

  • More Time on Website, More Sales Guaranteed

If the experience is good, a consumer would spend more time on your website and this indicates that they will explore what all options and products you have. Due to this reason, many times, a consumer ends up purchasing more than he/she intended to and this helps in the business. If your website is user-friendly and have various offers and deals, a consumer would normally spend more time on it and it will increase over-all activity on your portal.

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