Let this Year be one of Purpose and Commitment

At the editorial desk of Entrepreneur Media, this year we have pledged to do whatever it takes to democratize an evolutionary idea
Let this Year be one of Purpose and Commitment
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Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)
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What is your most important resolution for 2018? To raise funding, get fit, eat healthy or clean up the clutter. Regardless of being small or big, setting a New Year's resolution is important because it gives us a purpose to prepare for the rest of the year. At the editorial desk of Entrepreneur Media, this year we have pledged to do whatever it takes to democratize an evolutionary idea. Having an evolution is not enough. It, further, needs to be made available and adaptable for everyone, become regionalized or mainstream as per entrepreneur's appetite, and at the same time, maximise consumption needs of ambitious but under-resourced Indian youth, who should not just be a witness but be a part of the idea to make it a revolution. It is the democratization of knowledge that helps ideas to spread amongst the masses.

Our mission has started with Startup 2018, a start-up hunt programme, that will be held on January 22 at IIT Delhi - where we have endeavored to reach out to over 1,00,000 start-ups across the country in 10 days and get them on the main stage to showcase their unique and enterprising ideas. I invite everyone who has a great idea to write to me personally and be a part of Startup 2018 as my guest.

One of the stories that we are really excited this month is about start-ups in the oil, gas and energy sector, where it is quite wonderful to see how this conservative oligarchic industry is inviting young entrepreneurs to fuel the ambitious Indian economy. The otherwise uptight PSUs such as ONGC, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, GAIL and Indian Oil, and few Find your Purpose others have gone forward to set up INR 44 crore fund to be doled out to select startups with an aim to bring much needed change in the rigid sector, which is truly a sign of change that matters.

Second exciting read would be about start-ups who are just brilliantly rehashing old ideas. After ride sharing concept became a rage in India, now entrepreneurs are looking at enhancing public bike sharing systems in India. As the concept is still at its nascent stage in India, several start-ups are yet to make a decision on how to play on this. As some rely on renting out premium bikes on the weekend, others believe daily commuting market is evolving with each passing day.

Our issue focus of the month is to highlight our annual compilation of the leading franchise faces who have changed the way Indians buy consumer products. They have brought the era of brand over product leadership in India. They are big brands yet perfectly in sync with the moment. It's what great companies are built on. It's what shapes the future. It's entrepreneurship at its best. We looked in 10 sectors that are growing fast - from food and manufacturing to fitness and education - and found these 21 business leaders who bring jaw-dropping ingenuity to the table. Watch out for our next issue, as we bring forward the best of our annual '35 Under 35' achievers. Read on, for great things.

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