Why Bleetech is a Boon for the Specially Abled

The start-up has received fundings from Social Alpha, IIT Bombay and NASSCOM Foundation

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The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 360 million people worldwide with a disabling hearing loss. Joshi and Kirloskar of Bleetech, aims to break barriers between the usual lot and hearing impaired communities by focusing on humancentric design solutions.

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“Having started working on it as a graduation project, we began supplying the application to different platforms. As a result, when we began interacting with their prospective clients, we realized that there was an actual gap and wanted to work towards it.” Currently they have one product, which is a smart watch having four main features, Listen, Talk, Dance and Help. Currently, the product is in pilot stage which is slated to launch my mid 2018. They received fundings from Social Alpha, IIT Bombay and NASSCOM Foundation.