7 Ways to Command Your Conversation Like a Boss

Facial expressions play a crucial role in conversations along with your body language
7 Ways to Command Your Conversation Like a Boss
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Plenty of entrepreneurs are good at business, but conversation, now that's an art. Being a boss, spontaneous interaction is just another daily 'to-do' task but commanding it like a boss is an exceptional art, something to be held sacred. Among the Igbo tribe, the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten. Sadly this aspect of communication among humans is somewhat lost.

According to Oprah Winfrey, "Great communication begins with connection. What makes us different from one another is so much less important than what makes us alike - we all long for acceptance and significance." Initially, you might notice a little squirming, a lot of throat clearing, maybe some silence too. However, the foremost thing to catch hold of in a conversation is to build a rapport with the listeners. As an entrepreneur, you need to have conversations with clients, staffs and other marketing personnel - all of which requires a different approach. If you cannot win these conversations, then you might miss out on some golden opportunities.

A Charming Personality

Charming your way through the conversation is very admirable and pleasing but never dodge the fine line between aggressiveness and assertiveness because as much as you want to command the conversation, you need to keep it calm and composed.

Expressions Matter

Facial expressions play a crucial role in conversations along with your body language. They can send immensely inappropriate signals across. Never forget to be your own charming, beautiful self. Let your style, aura, and vibes speak for you. Language is a trap, every word that you utter holds legitimacy. The more you speak, the more vulnerable you are to making mistakes.

Listen With Attention

Apparently, nobody wants to be at fault. Therefore, be a good listener, as etiquettes demand to lean forward a little and make the participant believe that you are equally interested and involved in the conversation. When they feel that they are heard, it will naturally attract them to listen to you. And undoubtedly their arguments can be held against them.

Stick to Conversational Etiquettes

Never lose the essence of the conversation. Never underestimate the seductive art of a decent vocabulary. Being concise and crisp will hook their attention on you. Humans are born with a very short attention span and are very likely to end up being zoned out into their fairyland of unicorns and rainbows. Be loud and speak your mind. If the other participant is stubborn, use the most practical and simplest examples, which will leave them speechless and there you will see the ball rolling in your court. You must inculcate the art of voice modulation, don't go flat and gravelly and be orotund and pleasant to hear. Sound genuine and polite while requesting whereas assertive and loud while commanding.

Confidence Speaks Volumes

Don't be afraid to say 'NO'. Be direct. While speaking, maintain an eye contact which will give you confidence. At natural intervals, take pauses as it will make your points clearer and easier for the listener to catch up. Practising occasional pauses come in handy when you are delivering some kind of information with technical jargons or explaining something complicated.

Speak With a Sense of Purpose

Be benign and help others in conversing which will assert your opinion and compel them to favour you. Furthermore, don't step back from answering their questions and solving doubts. If you find them rambling and interrupting frequently, call them out but make sure there is no logomachy between you. While summarizing, reiterate the key points so that they don't forget the essential points. However, make sure that it's away from monotony.

Most importantly, steer the conversation towards your strengths. Shower a little love and see the conversation be mending your way. Use appropriate humor and keep the conversation light. After all, you are out there to drip in finesse!

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