Infographic: How Digital Marketing Is Affecting Financial Organizations

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Digital media, in today’s age, is no more just a “trend” but a way of life itself. While the financial services sector have long been playing catch up with digital marketing developments including chatbots, social media marketing, and AI etc., the tech advancements have forced the sector's marketers to take note of digital means of engaging with consumers. A recent PayFort infographic titled How Digital Marketing Is Affecting Financial Organizations analyzes and depicts the myriad ways in which such developments are reshaping the way financial entities engage with their customers. Stating that chat/messenger services may well be a key mode of communication for the sector, the infographic cites a statistic that 24% of millennials would avoid companies without a chat option. Similarly, it also states that almost 83% of top financial service companies use email marketing, making it yet another go-to option for customer engagement. Social networks, which have transformed business world in general, have also impacted the conventional financial services sector, says the infographic, stating that three out of four financial entities are spending on social advertising.

For more such insights on the sector and its adoption of digital marketing tools, check out the entire infographic below.

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