How This Entrepreneur Turned the Tides of Her Father's Hospitality Business

As a second generation entrepreneur, Nirupa Shankar is keen to make her own mark by working on ideas within larger corporate structure that impacts the business and the industry as a whole

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Women entrepreneurs and industry leaders often face varied challenges. But Shankar knows how to ‘make lemonade when life throws her lemons’. Believing that business comes first and then gender, Shankar has strung the right chords to bring about wholesome change in her father’s existing company Brigade Hospitality.

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As the director of Brigade group’s hospitality division, she oversees the operations and strategy for the company’s assets, which includes convention centres, serviced apartments, membership clubs and event management. “As a second generation entrepreneur, I am keen to make my own mark by working on ideas within larger corporate structure that impact the business and the industry a whole,” says Shankar. She decided to start working for Brigade after spending about eight years away from home in the US and Singapore.

Her first hotel for Brigade came up in 2009. She has even successfully launched a unique lounge bar at the top of World Trade Centre in Bengaluru, called High Ultra Lounge, the highest point for food and beverage in entire South India. Shankar is currently working with major global hospitality chains to expand their portfolio. “On the professional front, I am working on expanding our hospitality, office and retail portfolio at a rapid pace. The impact of this will be seen over the next three-four years,” believes Shankar.

Along with managing such tedious tasks, she makes it point to keep her calm by exercising. For seeking out inspiration and ideas, she tends to read a lot.

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