Infographic: Seven Traits That Differentiate Bad Bosses From Good Ones

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Whether you work with a micro-manager or a bully or one who takes no accountability for his/her actions, there’s no denying toll that working with a “bad boss” can take on you. Virtuzone UAE has released an infographic that can figure as a handy guide for you to help assess during such troubling times if you are really stuck with a bad boss. Titled Seven Ways Good Bosses Turn Bad, the guide notes that those micro-managing the team by second-guessing their decisions, those neglecting the workload of the team members, those who don’t accept responsibility for failures, and those offering feedback the wrong way, are just a few instances of managers and bosses who can be considered “bad.” Citing global stats, the infographic also notes that bad bosses cost companies about US$360 billion a year, reduce employees’ workplace engagement, and are often the direct reasons for valuable staff leaving the enterprise.

Check out the entire infographic below for more insights on what constitutes a bad boss.

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