5 Must-Have App Categories for Beginner Small Entrepreneurs in 2018

These are for the first-time small business owners looking at deriving maximum productivity.

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With entrepreneurship having caught the fancy of the new generation in a relatively wider manner, the gen-next is seemingly showing increased excitement with respect to owning businesses. Now, with an increase in the number of people preferring to turn owners of ventures, it is only imminent that the community understand the important must-haves to further their ventures.


Entrepreneurial evangelists recommend the newbie entrepreneurs to go by the slogan "Start Small, Think Big", and with small businesses striking the right chords with entrepreneurs, a major must-have includes the fundamental applications that should be kept handy regardless of the devices used by entrepreneurs.

In this regard, check out below a list of the 5 most fundamental category of apps that serve as effective aids to entrepreneurial pursuits:

  • Video Conferencing: A video conferencing app like Skype connects you effortlessly with clients, prospects, and fellow entrepreneurs alike. It is worth noting that today business deals are closed over video conferencing rather than startup owners having to cross oceans every time a global project comes up.

    Video conferencing also let you work from the comfort of your home and would be the perfect bridge in case you have to reach out to tier-2 and tier-3 regions of the India.

  • Cloud Storage apps: Small businesses and entrepreneurs today have been dealing intensively with finding suitable storage to organize all vital files in one centralized location. This issue is mitigated by using cloud storage apps, downloaded externally. Examples are Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive; all of which offer customized plans for businesses apart from free storage.

  • Payment applications: These applications let you manage your payment modalities and transactions effectively. Apps such as PayPal let you transfer and receive money instantly for all your services rendered as well as obtained. PayPal is recommended for freelance entrepreneurs.

  • Social Showcase apps: Alongside Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; apps such as Instagram are a good way to focus your offerings to the world. Once connected, You could even turn into an Influencer and drive decisions of other entrepreneurs.

  • Workflow organization apps: An app like Workflow should enable you to organize work efficiently to concentrate on productive tasks. These are vital to keep you engaged positively throughout your work day whilst ensuring that productivity is optimally maintained.