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James Parsons

James Parsons

Guest Writer / Content Marketer and Author

James Parsons is an entrepreneur, marketer, web designer, growth hacker and Apple fanboy. When he's not writing at his blog, he's working on his next big project.

Business Moving Forward

Make Your Office the One Comfort Zone You Don't Need to Get Out Of

Removing distractions and enhancing creation comforts at work is likely to boost productivity.
payment processing

Why Payment Processors Suspend Their Legitimate-but-High Risk Merchants

Of course payment processors drop shady businesses but lots of honest businesses are deemed too much trouble to bother with.

How to Improve Your Subscription Business Churn Rate

Offering incentives and following up with canceled clients can significantly increase your active subscriptions.
Content Marketing

9 Reasons Your Infographic Didn't Succeed

Infographics aren't a set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategy.
Team Work

How CEOs Optimize Their Sleep Schedule

As an entrepreneur, sleep is extremely important. You can improve your sleep by understanding how sleep works.

Where Do Companies Like Alexa and Compete Get Their Data?

Browser toolbars provide important analytics for Web-based marketers.
Inspiring Your Team

How to Hire the Perfect Blog Content Writer

Here are three steps to hiring that talented wordsmith you need for your marketing initiatives.

How Removing Old Website Content Can Improve Your Traffic

Old low-value content may be dragging down your rankings. There's no shame in deleting it.

Instagram Is Too Large for Your Business to Ignore

As Instagram surpasses Twitter in size and engagement, smart businesses are turning to the social network for marketing.
Content Strategy

Why a Good User Experience Is the Most Overlooked SEO Strategy

How just changing the language and location of a CTA button can make all the difference.

The Power of Being Unique in Your Industry

Specializing is crucial to success in a business world where there are always many companies that do what you do.
Hiring Employees

How to Train a New Employee to Be an All Star

Investing time and attention upfront when someone starts pays big dividends in the long run.
Take It From The Pros

The CEO's Checklist for Keeping Employees Happy and Fulfilled

As a business owner, it's your job to establish procedures that will keep your employees happy and motivated.
Free Resources

Where to Find Free Photos and Never Again Pay for a Website Image

Blogging is not universally lucrative but sprucing up your posts with dazzling images can be done without harm to the bottom line.