How to be Social for Entrepreneurs Who are Introverts

Stereotype that we all have in our mind for an entrepreneur does not prepare us to think of that person as shy, but what if otherwise
How to be Social for Entrepreneurs Who are Introverts
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Are you an entrepreneur who is shy by nature, enjoys being in a quiet place and talk less when surrounded by people? If yes, then this article is a must-read for you.

Building networks is easy for those entrepreneurs who are extroverts, but it gets little difficult for introverts to interact with people whom they have never met.

Entrepreneur India discussed this problem at a length with a few entrepreneurs who have successfully overcome their fears and have busted the myth that entrepreneurship can be challenging for introverts.

Here’s a list of ways that can help you past these obstacles on your path to success.

Try and Find the Common Connection

Today, it’s easy for anyone to connect on social media. A polite request with a crisp introduction can help you get in touch with anyone on platforms like LinkedIn for official purposes. Deepak Sahni, Founder and CEO of Healthians shared with Entrepreneur India that a quick Google or LinkedIn search about the person he is about to meet helps him in making conversation to the person.

“It is always good to know a bit more about the work, experience and interest areas of the person you’re meeting. It helps in seeking immediate attention if one comes across as a person who knows a bit about the other one. The tip here is to find a common connection through some of your friends and colleagues and that can effectively be the starting point of future communication,” said Sahni.

Technique that I’d like to recommend for tracking business development activities:

Know yourself and your business well and stay updated with the industry.

Meet New People More Frequent to Develop a Habit

The Founder of World In a Box, Nitish Jha shared that meeting new people every week can be a good habit to develop for introverts. “Dedicate at least 4-6 hours a week to attend social and networking events which is suitable for your domain,” said Jha.

Jha further added that more meetings can be very advantageous for those who are starting up.

Technique that I’d like to recommend for tacking business development activities:

Your friends and family could be your first customers. Connect with each one of them and tell them what you do, force sale if need be but then delight them with your product in a way that they become your brand ambassador.

Have a Self-belief and Do Not Hesitate to Talk

When Satvik Ahuja, Co-Founder, Nutriobox was asked about how he approaches people to build connections, he said, his first move is to establish a common link by knowing more about the person. His foremost step is be self-confident and do not hesitate to talk.

“Prepare your starting pitch and the following conversation on grounds and content that is not repetitive and involving enough for the other person to further contribute and make it come across as a well knitted conversation. This will in the end establish a connection between both the parties,” said Ahuja.

Technique that I’d like to recommend for tacking business development activities:

No business or campaign can be successful till the point you don't have a team in place which has all the synergies established internally to provide maximum breadth of skills and services to the best quality possible.

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