Why Tampering With Your CV Is Not a Wise Decision

One of the most recent examples is the Samsonite CEO Ramesh Tainwala who stepped down amid allegations of false educational credentials
Why Tampering With Your CV Is Not a Wise Decision
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Your Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, and Resume are really important elements of the job search process. In an increasingly competitive job market, a good CV gives the job seeker a chance to stand out from other candidates. However, few applicants tend to lie or add false information in their resume or CV to give their career a leg up. What they tend to forget is that one small lie is enough to finish your future.

One of the most recent examples is the Samsonite CEO Ramesh Tainwala who stepped down amid allegations of false educational credentials. Meanwhile, the travel luggage company had announced that Kyle Gendreau has been appointed Chief Executive Officer as Tainwala, has resigned as CEO and Executive Director of the Company.

Last week Blue Orca Capital, an activist investment firm led by renowned short seller Soren Aandahl questioned Tainwala’s credentials and company’s accounting. The organization posted a Twitter thread that poses some serious questions on Tainwala’s doctorate degree. The Indian-born Tainwala claimed to have a doctoral degree in business administration from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati.

The Classic Resume Fraud:

The report said that Tainwala, at various point in his career has called himself a doctor. Although his bio on Samsonite’s website currently omits the reference, on Bloomberg, and in other media sources and regulatory filings, his bio lists a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, U.S.A. But when the company called the Union’s registrar, a representative told them that Tainwala never obtained a doctorate, but that he merely enrolled in a program from February 1992 to September 1993.

The company termed it as a ‘classic resume fraud’, and stated that any legitimate fortune 500 company would remove a CEO caught making such material misrepresentations about his educational history.

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learnt:

The Tainwala controversy offers us a lesson that one should not take their resume lightly because you can get caught any moment. It may tempt you initially but later it can cost you your future employment.  According to the annual trends report on background screening by background verification firm AuthBridge, 15.21% Candidates misrepresented information to employers in FY2017.

After seeing the need, many Indian startups are addressing the requirement of background verification for new hires. With digital job portals on the rise, it has become easy to portray a false image on the social media. The social media platforms have become a hotspot for recruiters and employees, but it still poses a long-term threat. The open nature of social media makes it easier for people to fool around and show incorrect information about their qualifications. Although popular events like Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson & US Olympic Chief Sandra Baldwin resigning over resume discrepancy, will always as a warning sign for those who are taking their CVs lightly.

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