Here's How Entrepreneurs Can Work Smartly for Success

Smart way of working always leads but there should be a combination of old experiences and new thought process

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When it comes to new-age entrepreneurship, new-age thinking also becomes a mandate. Now, new ideas essentially does not mean chucking old school approaches; but rather combining both holistically to deliver the best entrepreneurial work. In this regard, one combination of both traditional as well as new-age is smart working which is an essential element for young entrepreneurs today.


We have some of the classic examples of old experience and new innovation in business around us like that of Bajaj Auto.Where they gave up the old ways of doing things but included the experience of their forefathers after Rahul Bajaj gave authority to the second generation . This is also applicable to the other business houses like the Birlas.

When you have a business, it naturally goes without saying that the running the business requires you to put in longer hours at work where you attend to all tasks throughout your work day. Now, smart work here could help reduce the burden whilst ensuring that you efficiently complete work tasks and still spare time for personal activities.

Not only this, smart working techniques could also land you that dream client. Hence, with smart work being the criteria Entrepreneur India lists five effective techniques through which you could resort to smart working to mitigate multiple issues whilst ensuring work done:

  • Utilise the mornings: Now, multiple psychosis researches have revealed that the mornings are the best time to begin new ventures. This is due to the freshness factor; if it works for you, try and utilise the first-half of the day to execute the most important of tasks and those requiring a chunk of your efforts. Finish the most demanding tasks within the most productive hours of your work day.

    With demanding tasks executed, utilise the rest of the day for the other activities (business) that require comparatively lesser time. Finish these rapidly and enjoy the remainder of the day with family and friends.

  • Develop an angle: be clear with the purpose of your offerings, develop an angle to your projects even before you begin work on these. This angle should be unique and less-trodden; catering to this potentially ensures that you get to deliver solutions that actually cater to the problem at hand, whilst being totally justifiable.

    When you have an angle at hand, it should be relatively easy to develop solutions; even the time factor gets maintained most of the times.

  • Think laterally, not unilaterally: Figure out positives that could potentially arise when certain “demanding” projects are completed. Find out the “way out” to get to the end of the tunnel (in case you feel like you are abandoned in a dark alley – a trend in today’s corporate sector).

    Here, remember that unilateral emotional thinking, for solutions to solve a problem, is not always the way out. Apply your creative bent of mind even in the most critical of situations.

  • Develop interests: Did you know that freelance photographers today get to become millionaires relatively quickly? Now, photography is a widely accepted hobby amongst people; why not further this hobby to develop into a business. You could also be a wildlife photographer and work for leading publications that actually pay for your photos.

    Determining smart workarounds are essentially the need of the hour. Another illustration is Writing. You could take up a variety of projects to serve both fuelling your passion as well as monetary purposes.

  • Networking: Networking is actually smart working; you could meet that dream client of yours in an event or land that dream job all through a single meeting. Therefore, never underestimate meetups; if possible, attend these so that they turn into breeding grounds for smartness.